A Full Heart

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have a little confession.
There have been years where I have thought to myself, and possibly even whined out loud, that
I would just like a relaxing day just once on Mother's Day.
A nap, not running from here to there all day long, sleeping in and doing what I want all day.
But this year that thought didn't cross my mind, not even once.
One day the kids will not be as excited about Mother's Day like they were this year--they
actually counted down the days they were so excited for it.
One day there may be nowhere to go, and no one to visit.
One day I might just be getting a phone call from a child that lives far away.

So, this year I tried to embrace the rushing and running and even the being gone from 8:00 am
when I met my mom at church, until about 6:30 pm when we finally got home from Eric's parents.
I was happy to have a full day.
Like really, I was. No sarcasm here today.

Sunday morning we went to a fancy brunch at my brother's restaurant with my parent's and my
sister and her family.
This would be the kids wading in the dirty lake after brunch.
Charlotte is in her little maxi dress and showing off her Beauty and The Beast underwear for all
to see, and Wyatt in khaki pants rolled up... dress shirt wet.
Soaked, dirty and a little covered in sand.
Oh well.
I didn't even care, they were having a blast with their cousins.
Clothes can be washed, sand wiped off and you can ride home in your underwear, right?
I am not the mom that freaks out over dirt.
Good for my kids, bad for my house/car/life.

This past week I feel like I have had so many little reminders of how quickly life can change,
that we are not promised anything and to enjoy all these little moments--the good, the bad and
the tough. Even the ugly.
These reminders are good for me.

Saturday morning Eric and the kids served me breakfast in bed since we were going to be gone
It was so sweet and thoughtful..and good.
Homemade upside-down caramel apple muffins. Yum.
I waited up in bed until they served me, which wasn't until around 9:30ish, then I stayed in bed
until 10:00. It was so nice.
When you have babies and little little kids, you think these days will never ever come, but they do.
I promise you, they will.
The days when they don't need you quite as much for every little thing...it's kinda bittersweet
but it's kinda nice, too.
And makes me so proud of them.

You know what I think?
I think motherhood is the hardest and best job ever, in the whole world.
And I think Mother's Day is a big deal, as the mom.
Should we be appreciated all year long? Of course.
But is it nice to have one day when your family is allowed, and even encouraged,  to make you
feel extra special?
Most definitely.


In other news, my mom found this doll house bookshelf thing at a rummage sale last week for
Miss Charlotte.
Bringing that into the house started a chain reaction--cleaning out, organizing and re-arranging
furniture in the kid's bedrooms.
It's nice to have it done, but now I need to get to the rest of the house.
She loves it though and has spent a lot of time sitting right there in front of it setting up all her
little animals and princesses and arranging furniture and rooms.

This makes me really happy because I loved my doll house when I was little.
Loved it.
Hope your week is off to a good start.
Just 6 school days left for us. Yipppeeeeee!


  1. happy summer to yoU! glad you had a good mom's day :)

  2. Sounds good! It really is all about attitude, isn't it?! I know I can get caught up in all the "shoulds" of special days like that, but in the end, it is just so nice to be a mum and have them near. That's what it's all about.

  3. awwww. i am so glad that you had a lovely day!
    i feel guilty because i kept thinking, "i wish we could just go home and relax!"
    we were gone from 9am-9:30pm, but it was so worth it to see our mamas. :)
    yay for summer!

  4. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

  5. I am so glad you had a lovely mothers day, Amy. You deserve it! And you are so right- this doesn't last long.

    I was so tempted to write out my mother's day... but it wasn't the best. That is ok. I'm over it now... sorta. lol!

    Also- Homemade upside-down caramel apple muffins... recipe??

  6. Savannah has her last day on the 25th gets out at 10:40 am. she can't wait!

    love the dollhouse thing! so CUTE! what a great find!

    I had the worst mother's day ever. my girls didn't acknowledge me or even do a thing for me, it was so hurtful for their ages and all I do for them....it just made my day horrible! Savannah made me a card but never signed it, but ava didn't even bother doing a THING! and my husband even reminded them! BRATS! I was so disappointed in them and wondered what I have done wrong! They have always celebrated me in the past, but this year, NOPE, so so sad!

    I also don't fret over dirt, I let my girls wear white as babies and when people thought I was crazy, I was like who cares, you can wash it!


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