Instant Happiness

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Wednesday, the week is half over.
I almost forgot until I woke up this morning that Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week.
Eric is off on Wednesdays, it's kind of a family day.....and I get off the hook on things like
lunch-making and school drop off.
Yay for me.

A few other things that make me instantly HaPpY...

1. A turtle sandbox we have had for years that still entertains the kids.
Charlotte especially.
This baby just got new sand last week and is good to go for the summer.
I don't even mind the ugly green plastic.

2. Coffee Outside.
You know I love my coffee, but coffee outside is the best.
On the patio, sitting on the front just tasted better outside I think.

3. Friendship Pins
These make me super-happy.
If you are old like me, these might have been all the rage when you were in grade school.
I loved making these, trading these and putting these on my tennis shoes.
Making these kept my kids busy(especially Wyatt) for hours.
Make these this summer with your kids.

4. Little Golden Books.
I have tried to stop buying them, this is just a little bit of what we have.
This right here is one of the main reasons I am thinking of opening up an etsy shop.
That, or I have to stop thrifting, antiquing and rummage-sailing.

5. Country Roads
Instant happiness, as soon as I am out of town into wide open spaces.
Corn fields, silos, barns, and open skies.
Makes me so happy.
And calm.
Calm is good.


  1. So many lovely happies. I think you had me at "Eric is off on Wednesdays...I get off the hook on things like lunch-making and school drop off". Right now that sounds more like bliss to me, than "just" happy lol. The other ones are pretty cool too though, I have tyo say!

  2. I definitely remember friendship pins! So fun! Love your collection of books too, reminds me of my childhood book case! :) If you opened an Etsy shop, I would definitely buy something! ;)

  3. calm is so good.
    i want calm right now.
    and i want to make friendship pins.
    wednesday sounds dreamy at your house...

  4. i am so excited for summer!
    i can almost taste the freedom of no school and calm, calm, calm.
    i hope, at least!
    my tuesday is your wednesday so i know exactly what you mean. :)

  5. I never leave your log without a huge smile!!!! Your golden book looks like our collection. YOU would have a beautiful etsy shop... Someday you've gotta come this way and come antiquing with me!!!! We bought sand yesterday... So messy so fun! Happy almost summer! Xoxoxox

  6. Friendship pins! Wow! I had totally forgotten about those! But as soon as I saw them I was instantly back at Girl Scout camp trading them. So fun! We're totally making those soon!

  7. this post! i want to find on of those green sandboxes for our back deck. we have a balcony plus a lower deck on our town house and the lower deck has not one thing on it. boring! i thought that exact sandbox would be a great thing to put out there :) great stuff here, my friend.

  8. Calm is good!

    We have the same turtle- without sand. i was thinking of filling it up though.

    I adore your list of happy by the way. :)

  9. I love the friendship pins, made them in school! my friend made them with my kids last year too!
    I just saw a bracelet at charming charlie that had these pins as the bracelet, super cute!


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