Friday, May 18, 2012

A little bit of our week, insta-style.
Wow, the end of the school year is craaaazy, huh?
Cramming in all the last minute field trips, play days, parties, sending in money for this and
that and remembering to help this day, sign and send back permission slips, tennis shoes for the field trip today,
remember to pack sack lunches with throw away everything(which we don't normally do, so it
takes effort to remember and plan for it) for the two field trips...whew.
BUT only three more days left of school!
They go Monday-Wednesday next week and then we stop in to get his report card Thursday
And that's it.

Besides all of the above, there has been a lot of....
reading new library books, playing outside, lots of sand box time,
sunny skies, magazine reading, journal writing...and enjoying pretty yellow
tulips that I bought for myself.

There has been much talk and just general excitement over this book below.
I am so happy to finally see it in real life, in my own hands.
It is a new book, just came out this week, about a baseball team in 1971
 in a small town right by where I live--it's where my family is from.
Two of my uncles are in the picture on the cover, it is so cool.
A writer for Sports Illustrated wrote an article for the magazine two years ago about 
this story and it snow-balled from there and now it is a book.
A real book....
That is on the shelves at book stores and Target and that you can order online.
I know I am completely biased, and I am not even finished with the book, 
but it is just a neat story. And the writer is a really good story teller.
Maybe you should go buy one for someone for Father's Day, here.

Last night we went to a Kindergarten Open House at our new school.
We got to hear about some really cool things they have planned for next year and farther into
the future as well, and it has me excited and feeling good about our decision.
Not to be overly dramatic, but I feel like we are taking a bit of a leap of faith by leaving a school
we have been happy with for a new opportunity at our neighborhood school.
I think it's gonna be good.
Did you forget that the kids will walk to school and that the kids can actually look out the windows
at school and see our house?
No driving the kids to all?
I almost can't believe that one.


Out rummage-sailing with my girl this morning.
There was something in particular I was looking for and hoped to find at a rummage
 sale or antique store in the coming week.... and guess what?
I walked up to the first rummage sale today and found twelve of them for ten cents each.
: ) I love when that happens.

I am going here tomorrow.
With my sister and my BFF is meeting us there.
I am super excited...and ready for some shopping!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

life rearranged


  1. i am so jealous you are going there!
    how awesome is that? :)
    and God is so good to lead us right to what we are looking for, and for such a great price, too!
    have a fun weekend!

  2. We could practically walk to school but then we would have to cross a busy road so I drive the 2 minutes it takes to get the boys there. However I am comforted to know that it takes just two minutes to pick them up when they are sick at school.

    It is a good thing.

    Also, I am envious of your thrift shopping weekend. But ENJOY!

    Have a fab-you-lous weekend, chica.



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