Today Is...

Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Friday out there.
It is the beginning of the long holiday weekend for us.
I have started about 20 posts about summer vacation and routines and plans and gardening and
the upcoming holiday weekend and school and teachers and doubting myself and my choices and
even the whole Are You Mom Enough Time magazine thing.....
and then I can't finish any of's like I have too many things in my head at once.
Kind of all jumbled up together.
You know what I mean?

So, instead I will just share my insta- photos from this week, which is really nothing new because
that is all I have been sharing here lately even though I have been using my big camera, too.


-Thursday :: School's out, schools out, teacher let the monkeys out!
-Running errands solo

-Cousins on their last day of 1st grade together, and their last day of going 
to school together. Kinda sad about that.
-Sun flare in the back yard

-Yep, it's me.
-View from my bed

-List making and coffee drinking on the patio while the kids play outside
(Are you sick of this mug yet?)

-One of my most favorite pictures from my Road Trip last weekend, cute 
little shop in Dekalb, Illinois, y'all

-Cosuins in matching rummage sale dresses
-Cousin love

-Fence building
-Mocha cookies & cream frappucinno

That's all folks.
Hope you have a great weekend!
Any big plans?

life rearranged


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the brain jumble :)
    Happy long weekend!

  2. mmmmm...lots of gooood stuff goin' on over here :) i have a ton of posts in my head too...including "are you mom enough" but instead i'm taking a break...til next week. hoping to sort my thoughts out over the weekend!


  3. Enjoyed my visit on your blog! Lots of beauty to bring a smile!

  4. I have to know what shop that is! I might have to take a drive this weekend!

  5. Happy Long Holiday weekend! I want to see those posts about what your summer plans are! I need help in that department. :) Love that coffee mug. So cute!

  6. today IS beautiful!!! :)
    and yes! my head is a jumbled mess of thoughts that i can't quite get to one main point! :)
    glad i'm not the only one.
    have an amazing weekend!

    ps def not sick of the mug! :)

  7. Happy long weekend, Amy!! YourSummer is coming and I'm ever so jealous! x

  8. I was driving to work this week and I was daydreaming about inspiration and your new favorite mug came into my mind. Imagine that :).

  9. I came over from Life Rearranged via insta-friday, so this is my first time visiting you. I love your mug! Thank you so much for sharing it:) Happy weekend to you.


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