Weekend Snapshots

Monday, May 28, 2012

It was a fun, hot weekend at the Cabin.
Very hot.
So happy to go and so happy to get back home.
In the air-conditioning.

Good thing I got a few pictures with my big camera because I think my favorite lens is broken.
My camera bag fell out of the back of the car when the door was opened and even though it
was in a padded camera bag, it still didn't seem to fare well.
Anyway-- a few glimpses into our hot, hot, hot(did I tell you how hot it was?) weekend...

We had a Pie Raffle for the first time this year, which just means we sold tickets for $2 and
raffled off fifteen pies, made by different family members.
We had coconut cream, cherry, strawberry, apple, chocolate, strawberry-rhubarb, peanut butter...
you name it.
We made over $300 from our raffle, and by "we" I mean my whole family, and the money is going
to our Relay For Life team.
This is our first year participating in Relay For Life as a family and I am kind of excited about it.
Actually, I have never participated in it myself or even been to one before and I have heard it is a
very cool, emotional experience.

Tire-swinging, frog catching, getting to ride in the back of the truck from one cabin to the other,
going for rides on the four-wheeler, staying up late, exploring in the woods and playing with your cousins all weekend....
It sounds like a perfect childhood weekend, doesn't it?
It is.

Hope you had a great weekend...Happy Memorial day.
I feel like Summer Vacation officially starts tomorrow as it is our first day of no plans or commitments...
I am ready!


  1. Love the frame on the last one. How'd ya do that?

  2. no commitments for us either today!! yeah!!! great weekend photos, amy :)

  3. i want a cabin like that...
    looks DREAMY! :)
    happy NO commitments and SUMMER! yah! :)


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