Instagram Weekly Round-Up

Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday to everyone out there.
Yesterday it was over 100* and is supposed to be hotter again today, so I am thinking that
 holing up in the a/c, playing board games, painting and a movie sounds really good to me today.
How about you-what does your day and weekend look like?
I'm sharing some of my most favorite instagrams from the past week...

I really love these pictures.
So, so much.
But I do have to tell you that right before these they were fighting in the pool over
the ladder and teasing each other...they do not always get along, I promise.
They are good buddies though and best friends and they make me so happy.


1. sprinkler time, 2. sunlight in the garden, 3. family movie night
4. happy tape, 5. snack time, 6. dipped cone
7. Idaline Janine, 8. neighbor's flowers,  9. mocha frappe-yum!

1. keeping cool in the pool, 2. swimming lessons, 3. day lilies, 4. walking through campus 
5. soda-drinkin' 6. dusty country-drivin' 
7. backyard laying, 8. battleship, 9. my man, building me a fence

1. Prince--always a good idea, 2. driving, 3. errand running, 
4. the pig,  5. water fight with neighbor friends 6. fresh farmer's market peaches, 
7. cute new thrifted sheet, 8. my birds, 9. playground horses

I was lucky enough to catch two beautiful sunrises this week.
Amazingly beautiful and the best therapy ever, I promise you.
Have you seen one lately?


Today I hope to find some time to work on my shop stuff some more, wish me luck.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Happy Friday to you!
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  1. your pics are always amazing. love how you see life:)

  2. a tattoo...really, REALLY, I LOVE it when folks have a bit of tattoo sticking out, especially when the very thought might just surprise folks! Can't wait to see your shop, what a great idea, you have a great eye for finding the best treasures. Happy weekend!

  3. LOVE how your summer is looking...A LOT!
    and i cannot wait to see your shop! hurry! ;)
    have a great weekend, amy!

  4. Oh I totally forgot about Battleship until I saw your pic--miss that game! Not sure what happy tape is but it made me happy seeing the color array. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures, inspires me to take more!! Isn't it nice to have kids that like each other!!? Mine are 13 and 11, they have their moments but they actually like each other and get along. I am loving that vintage sheet! Have a great weekend!

  6. patiently waiting for your open sign.

    a. :)


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