Sunday, June 10, 2012

It is pool time again and we have turned the corner this year as far as swimming goes,
somewhere I have never been before as a mom.
Yesterday I got to lay out in a chair on the deck of the pool and watch the kids swim by themselves,
all by themselves in the water,  while my mom and I looked at magazines.
It is a whole new world in swimming for me--and us.
I kind of liked it.
Do I miss a baby with chunky legs and swim diaper that I get to carry around the pool with me?
Sometimes...and sometimes I don't.
Growing pains come in all forms, different shapes and sizes...and sometimes at the most unusual times.
On a different day this little milestone of growing up and needing me less might have made me
sad and a little melancholy but yesterday it didn't.
Yesterday I was proud of them for their swimming skills, amazed that even Charlotte is now
 tall enough to touch in grandma & grandpa's pool and had fun watching
them from the sidelines for a while.
Don't get me wrong, I was in the pool most of the time and when I was someone was on a raft
with me or wanting a piggy-back ride around the pool and Charlotte is still wearing water wings most
of the time(which may not really be necessary but she has to when I am not in the water)
 but still,  it was a little milestone.

I forgot how awesome it is when the kids spend all day in the sun, get completely worn out from
swimming and jumping and cannonballs...and fall asleep at night the minute their heads hit the pillow.
Yesterday was so good I think we just might do it again today.

Besides swimming we have a few errands to run today and I am going to attempt to make a cherry
cheesecake for a family get-together this afternoon.
Wish me luck on that one!
After this weekend I will be sharing some pictures of how our backyard fence is coming along....
is it wrong that this is the most exciting thing in my life right now?
Happy Sunday, y'all.


  1. i love summer!
    and i totally hear ya on the hurts a little every time i realize that they need me less.
    is it weird that all of my pictures of late are of my landscaping adventures and our raised beds?
    can't wait to see your fence.
    for real. those things excite me! :)

  2. My 4yr old just started swimming on his own. It's bittersweet to not have to be in there with him either holding him or helping him with his floaties. I just sit on the side and let him have at it and yep, come night fall... out like a light {kinda like how he is right this very minute lol!}.

  3. Best part of summer is when your kids are so exhausted because it's been such a fun day!


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