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Monday, June 11, 2012

Good morning.
I am back with more Surviving Summer With Kids this week, you can find my last post on it here.
Just a few ideas to get you out of that what should we do today funk or to help kick-start your
Today I am sharing a few ideas for the week along with some links and a list of the things I/we are
planning to do around here this week.

1. make paper airplanes
2. go find a new park/nature preserve you have never been to before
3. have a water gun fight
4. make paper dolls
5. collect bugs and put them in a jar to observe
6. pick out a new chapter book to read together
7. make kool-aid popsicles
8. dig out all of your board games and play them
9. play jacks
10. make cookies or muffins and deliver them to a friend/family member
11. put up a tent in the back yard for kids to play in
12. make s'mores in your fire pit
13. read stories before bed out on your porch/patio/back yard by flashlight
14. make friendship pins
15. go print off some of this awesomeness from made by Joel--LOVE the Paris Paper City
16. do this; all you need is marshmallows and tooth picks. it's fun!
17. start a container garden--just plant something, anything
18. make necklaces using yarn and cereal or macaroni, etc.
19. take a tub(Rubbermaid tote?) outside, fill it with water and give the kids a sponge, wash rag &
  soap. let them wash barbies, cars, Lego people, play dishes, etc. themselves
20. make Ziploc bag ice cream, recipe here


This week we are going to make Ziploc bag ice cream--we made it last Summer and the kids
loved it. It is actually really good(takes like real homemade ice cream) and super easy, younger kids
can definitely help make it, too.
Yum. You can thank me later ; )

Also on our list; more friendship pins.
The kids loved making them, they worked so quietly and it entertained them for a long time.
I also kinda love making them myself, too.

Last week we played countless games of Connect Four and made paper dolls-or paper people if
you are a boy, his were cowboys.
We found the game at a rummage sale for a quarter and these two books for the same.
I have always loved the Little House On The Prairie books and I like this first one we started just
as much, they are about Ma when she was a little girl. I had never even heard of them-??

Oh-I can't end this post without showing off the yummy cherry cheese cake I made over the weekend.
Even better than the pie might just be the rad pie/cake carrier though, huh?
Seriously, how cute is that?
Love, love, love it.

This week I am doing a little research for my Maybe Someday Online Shop--etsy or big cartel?
Oh-and I need a name for this shop--any ideas?
My inventory is piling up so I might be ready to make a move soon....
Hope everyone has a great week, thanks for stopping by my little place here.

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  1. The tray is rad. And I adore your ideas. Several are on our bucket list. Also- I am sooooooo making the ice cream. I have my bff and her daughter coming over on Thursday and we are sooooo gonna do it. Thanks for posting that recipe, chica.

  2. first off...your blog header is adorable! love love love it!
    and you have such creative ideas, ms.amy! such a fun summer mama!
    gonna have to try that ice cream, and i think my kiddos would LOVE to make those pins!
    your pie looks amazing and you are just inspiring me in so many ways!
    yay! for summer fun!

  3. Umm....we are making that ice cream stat! I feel like most of the summer lists are for bigger kids than mine (just 3 and a baby) but ice cream is universal! Love your pie tray! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. ok. the shop? yes and yessss!!

  5. amy these are great ideas!!
    thanks for sharing them.
    we are heading out to get supplies for friendship pins this weekend.
    oh...and making ice cream!
    have a happy day amy


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