Resisting The Urge To Run

Monday, June 18, 2012

Did you think you were at the wrong place today?
Like running meant run, like for exercise?
Nope, just running from my messy office and my messy house....
Why and how do I accumulate so much junk?
I am in serious cleaning and purging and organizing mode today.
But I would really rather grab my stuff and ignore the mess and take off for the pool.

But I am determined to get this done today, I can't take it anymore.
So I am loaded up on coffee and James Carr on Pandora.
And lots of garbage bags.
And at least I get to look up at my cute hankie bunting across the windows, right?
Wish me luck.

You wanna stop by for coffee here tomorrow morning?
I'll be here.
Have a great Monday, y'all.


  1. ha I was just making me another cup of coffee, thinking yep it is just one of those kind of mondays where you need seconds with cream and sugar and at the same time working on a playlist that puts me in the right mood to get going and tackle the to do list. So I hear you, sister. Glad we will be having coffee tomorrow

  2. I really do want to runaway from the lot of it some days. But resist we must. x

  3. i have been purging things like it is going out of style. seriously. i think i have a problem. on the plus side, it's keeping my house cleaner because my kids fear i'll donate whatever they leave lying around ;)

  4. You should see my office/studio. Piles of unfinished projects everywhere. Disaster. Happy cleaning.


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