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Friday, June 15, 2012

Good morning and happy, happy Friday to you.
Awww, thanks so much for all of the comments yesterday.
It's interesting, because after writing that post yesterday I realized I might just be the worst
offender as far as commenting(or not) on blogs I read, especially lately.
The funny thing is, if you were to ask me I might just think and even tell you that I did comment but then I remember that commenting
 in my head doesn't really count. Oh, yeahhhhhh.
I do want to say that it's not the amount of comments at all, although it is
nice to know people are reading, but the connecting part of this that has become so important to me.
I never would have imagined it when starting this blog of mine, because my intention was really just having a personal outlet and a journal
with pictures for myself, but the connections I have made are one of the coolest things
ever and for that I am so thankful. Truly.
So thanks for hanging in there with me, for still reading, for commenting and encouraging me.

Veggies from our neighbor...any ideas as to what I should do with them?

So, there is lots of excitement going on in my backyard this week.
Operation Privacy Fence is coming along quite nicely.
It's looking really good and honestly is a much bigger/harder/time-consuming project than I anticipated.
What-- you mean you don't just put in a few posts and nail up some boards?? Nope, not really.
One side is almost complete and the back part is done which already gives us tons more privacy.
Hooray for that!

{Photo below by Charlotte}
This area back here will be a second patio area.
I think we will move the fire pit back there and now I am on the look-out for some new-to-me
patio furniture.
The patio right outside our back door is where the umbrella table, chairs, grill, another table, etc. all sit.
There will still be lots of work to do in the yard once the fence is done but instead of seeming so completely overwhelming like it
has since we moved in,  it actually feels do-able to me--finally.
This yard had been neglected for so many years, it's gonna take lots of TLC to get it where we want it.


Besides the fence, there has also been lots of time playing outside, swimming, swimming lessons,
and just hanging out together and enjoying a not-super-busy Summer week.
Next week Vacation Bible School starts so this week we have been taking it pretty easy.

Are you dying over these scalloped frames like I am?
I might have literally gasped when I first saw them.
Are you using Picmonkey?
You should check it out, I have forgotten all about Picnik already, I love Picmonkey so much more.
This morning we are heading out to go Rummage Sailing, it's what we do on Friday mornings in the Summer.
I am getting quite a little inventory for my online shop, like this tray below,
it's really fun...I am hoping to have it up and running within the next month.

Well, there's just a bit of our week in pictures.
Tonight our neighborhood church is playing Dolphin Tale outdoors at dusk so that's our excitement for
this Friday night, the kids love that movie and are super excited about staying up extra late tonight, popping popcorn
and buying a box of movie candy to take with them.
What are your weekend plans?
Well, whatever you do I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

.....and now to finish my coffee.

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  1. yes, i'm dying over the scallops too!! so cute!!! have a great weekend, friend :)

  2. Love your first photo in the post. And I was totally gonna ask how you got the scalloped frames. But then you told me! Visiting from Life Rearranged.

  3. Awesome pics--gotta check out picmonkey. I'm trying to be better about commenting too. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. i heart picmonkey!
    makes my pics look better than i can actually take them. :)
    hope your weekend is dreamy and you find lots of treasures today!

  5. I didn't read your last post because I saw the title was about iPhones and I'm still grumpily stuck in the land of stupid-phones. But I totally get what you're saying about the comment thing. It can be frustrating, knowing people are reading and not commenting.
    I really, really want that tray! My dad used to call me his bicentennial baby since I was born in 1976. :) I hit up a garage sale three doors down and scored an old red, metal tool cabinet on wheels for $5!
    Happy Weekend!

  6. loving your blog and your lovely photos. visiting from life rearranged ->instafriday :) i must have that coffee mug!

  7. What do you mean commenting in your head doesn't count?! giggles. I definitely am on my way over to picmonkey right now. I read your post awhile back about which apps you use and I'm intrigued. Instagram and picsArt are my only ones, but I'm a photoshopper- and not a fabulous one who gets these cool effects that you get from your picmonkey. So, off I go. Thanks.

  8. I too have the commenting in my head problem, or the I have 1296 unread blog posts currently in my reader and I just don't have time to comment, even if I really want to. I have been having the hardest time catching back up from my vacation. The borders are super cute! Visiting from insta-friday thanks for sharing.

  9. LOVE that last show of the coffee cup!

  10. oh yes, LOVING picmonkey!! i don't think i have played with it to its full potential, but i do love the collages :)

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