Surviving Summer

Monday, June 4, 2012

So, I talked a little bit about our plans for the summer in this post and it sounds like there are 
others out there a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of finding ways to fill their days
 this Summer.
I said it in my last post and I will say it again, there have definitely been those summers 
that took a lot out of me, kids were younger, there was more fighting, things I wanted to do/wished 
we could do that they were not quite old enough to do, and so on. 
I'm not living in Summer La-La Land over here.

Some of this may sound a little funny coming from me as I am a self-proclaimed
non-planner and I am not nearly as organized like I wish I was.
Like, nowhere near.
But anyway--here's  my two cents.

Be (Mentally)Prepared ::

Of course we all have different age/number of kids and unique circumstances so
things that work for me won't work for everyone.
My number one goal this Summer is simply to ENJOY IT.
And without a whole lot of stressing...that would really be nice. Right?
One thing that I know will really help me is to have a plan in mind for each day,
I think this will benefit me as much/more than the kids.
And I don't mean every minute planned out and projects set out the night before, 
just a general idea of what our day will look like--
Will it be a day at home?
A fun outing?
An errands and chores kind of day?

If it is an at home kind of day I will have either a project, craft or baking project
in mind for them. By this I mean I will already have the supplies bought or just rounded up 
if it something that only requires things we already have on hand.
I try to keep a stash of recyclable things for times when we need something sturdy like poster
 board because a cut up cereal box will work just as good.
I am not spending money/buying craft projects for every day, that is just crazy-talk.

Research ::

* Have some ideas of outdoor things to do on nice days besides the usual
 things you might do daily(bikes, scooters, etc)

*A list of ideas of fun outings to do together-both free and things that cost 

*Check out things going on locally-lots of movie theaters have free or discounted kid's movies
during the summer, free zoo days, discounted bowling days, parks might offer evening
movies, park singers, etc.

*Sign your kids up for the Summer Reading program at your library; obviously the reading 
part is good for them and visiting the library is one no-cost outing you can do each week


This week I have been looking things up online, making lists, shopping for crafting supplies
 and getting input from the kids on what they would like to do, too.
We looked through a big stack of my favorite stash of
 magazines(why do my favorites always go under? sigh.) yesterday 
and got a few good ideas and recipes.

Stock Up ::

lots of paper
glue/glue sticks
scraps of paper, fabric, etc
watercolor paint sets
wiggle eyes
popsicle sticks
pipe cleaners
modeling clay

{just a few things from our craft box and outside box}

Another thing I think is essential is to have a bag of tricks for emergencies when your
patience is wearing thin and your day is not going as planned.
Maybe a movie they have been wanting along with their favorite movie candy--
Buy it and save it for when you are feeling desperate.
Remember to have an idea what you would like to do that day but a back-up plan
as well-due to weather, crabby kids, cancellations, etc.
And never, EVER under-estimate the power of loading the kids in the car to take a drive through
 the country, drive somewhere that you know they are working so the kids can watch
 construction, stop for ice cream/snack...anything to get a change of scenery and
relieve the stress.
My favorite trick?
Turning the music up loud enough to drown out the fighting, whining,
crying and 900th question of the day.
Trust me, it works.


This morning the kids were supposed to have their first swimming lesson.
Naturally the sky turned dark and it started thundering right as we were leaving for
the park. But of course.
Charlotte was looking so forward to it and was seriously disappointed.
My back-up plan was a stop at the video store so the kids could pick out a movie.

So the rest of our day looks like--
If the weather stays rainy we will watch either Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
or The Shaggy Dog(the1959 original, not the Tim Allen version)
making paper dolls/people
rest time
baking chocolate chip muffins

* Check out this list of fun things to do with kids.
And have a happy, happy Monday.


  1. love this post! :) i just posted one a little bit like this. happy summer!!

  2. What a beautiful post. I am pinning it to my Things to Do with the kids list on Pinterest : )
    LOVE your pictures.


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