13 Things

Friday, July 20, 2012

One of the many reasons why I love instagram and taking pictures every day on my 
phone is looking back at the end of the week and seeing all of the things 
I actually did do this week.
It makes me feel good about myself.
Or better anyway.

1. shipped out my very first orders from my shop-wooohooo!
2. knocked another thing off of our Summer List (late night swimming)
3. read a Bobbsey Twins book with the kids
4. visited the children's museum
5. Relay for Life meetings
6. had a picnic in the Rock Garden
7. watched my niece's baseball game
8. had a lemonade stand
9. took a country drive
10. dreamed of a vacation(like many times a day)
11. took lots of pictures with my big camera
12. cleaned out and organized the linen closet
13. swimming lessons

Now I feel much better about feeling like I accomplished basically nothing this week. 
But,  in the spirit of keeping it real, let's look at just a fraction of the things I did not accomplish
this week....

1. fix a proper meal
2. exercise
3. get caught up on the laundry
4. step outside and not immediately start sweating
5. fix my hair ...or my face
6. do any serious cleaning... or semi-serious for that matter
7. tackle my office mess
8. wear a bra half the time
9. try to plan a short little family trip like I planned to
10. reschedule kid's dentist appts. they need before school starts in one month
11. return a phone call i have been putting off
12. call the dr.
13. make Relay for Life t-shirts for our team

There you have it. 
Nothing like making yourself feel good one minute and then like a total failure the next.
Oh well, I have big plans for next week.

* Wish me luck with Relay For Life tonight!
We will be walking from 6pm- 7 am...and it's gonna be hot.
Lots of happy thoughts, prayers, texts and such would be appreciated...
and keep me entertained : )
Happy Friday!


  1. Good luck tonight!
    Your week sounds like my week. Or ever other one of my weeks for that matter ;)
    This heat is killing me too and all the plans I had for our summer. UGH.
    Next week does not look good either.
    I pray we can both find some motivation!

  2. focus on the DID do...bras are totally optional in the summertime :)

  3. you did do a LOT!!!
    trying to look at my phone pix and see what I did do~!

    swim lessons
    dinner every night, but I did make Burrito bowls for two of those nights

    laundry just caught up TODAY!
    swim lessons

    worked out 3x so far.

    read The Mandie Collection book #8 and finished Hugo with the girls

    went to the library.

    took ava to a new book store, out for ice cream and to St. vincents where she found some CUTE dishes for her doll!

    beach for like 2 minutes (TOO COLD)

    scrapbooked (caught up on project life book for the month of april)

    took the dog to the groomer!

    visited michael at work (today)

    I didn't however:

    clean the house like I wanted to!

    OR write in the girls journals like I had planned!
    okay not that you asked, but I told you my life story anyway! LOL!
    have fun walking, hope it's not too too hot!
    come visit here, only 70 today!

  4. Great pic of you. I'll be cheering you on from VA. Such a great cause.

  5. I haven't popped over for a week or so and you're wearing a new dress! I almost didn't recognise you until I read your post and there you were. x


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