Beating The Heat(with a stick)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Okay, so I am done trying not to publicly complain about the heat all the time.
I'm over it.
It is too hot.
We have had so many days well over 100*...I just want some normal Summer days.
We do not live in the desert people, this is Illinois.
I would love a few days with all of the windows open and the a/c off... sigh.

Last night we went to my niece's last softball game and stopped at this awesome park for a little bit
first to walk around and see the sunken garden, the maze and the statues.
The kids couldn't believe there was a statue of a naked man that showed all of his "business".

We hit the road to head back home around 9:00 last night and got back in town about 45 minutes later.
Two deer, at two different times, ran right in front of me -which reminded me why I hate
driving at night on the interstate and country roads.

Anyway-- I had packed the kids swim suits and didn't even tell them that we might go
swimming at grandma & grandpa's once we got in town.
Instead of threatening/reminding them the whole night to behave so we could go swimming,
I just waited to see how they behaved, lucky for them they were on their best behavior : )
A night time swim was on our Summer List(you know-the one we never wrote out) and it felt so good after sitting out 
in the heat at the game.
We didn't get home until around 11:00 so it was a late night for the kids but it was fun and
the kids loved it, I heard lots of "you are the best mom ever" last night...
and Ill take it because I know those days won't last forever.

Happy, Happy Thursday friends.
Our Lemonade Stand is rescheduled for today so wish us luck, $$ is going to our
Relay For life team so we are excited about this.
Relay For Life is tomorrow night--kind of freaking out a little about the whole walking for 12 hours straight thing.


  1. love those you are the best mom ever statements. need that occasionally. it's been crazy hot here too. making my head hurt literally.

  2. whenever the weather even thinks about 100, you get a free complaining pass, in my book

  3. showing his "business" teehee!
    that is TOO funny.
    p.s. you ARE the best mom ever. :)

  4. Honestly. Heat makes people grumpy. I remember in one of my psych classes in college learning that more crimes are committed when it is hot than cold....cause folks are just down right grumpy don't ya know!! Last year our sweet little valley never hit the 100 mark...we are making a different kind of record around here this year. I'm thinking I need to make myself a "best mom ever" trophy at one of those trophy shops to put out when I have days like that! They sure do feel better than the "I don't like you right now" days!

  5. Swimming at night, how cool is that. I used to love doing this when we were on holiday in the states, something we never get to do in the UK, unless it's an indoor pool, the evenings are just far too cold. Good luck with your lemonade stand x x x x

  6. They are so beautiful!!! I want follow you on instagram. Is it possible??

  7. They are so beautiful!!! I want follow you on instagram. Is it possible??


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