Coffee + Pancakes + Shop Talk

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

good morning.
yesterday i promised myself i would get all of my housework done before i sat down to work on shop stuff.
it should come as no surprise that by the time i got the kids settled down for a little quiet time and then
made myself an iced coffee and got my stuff all out on the kitchen table...
etsy was down.
but of course it was.
oh, it came back up eventually though and in the mean time i edited pictures and listened to music,
so much for plans, huh?
oh well.

yesterday morning i made these yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast.
they were really good!
my pancakes are never really that good and normally really flat, so i was super happy.
i didn't have buttermilk, because--well, i never do, so i added a little cream of tartar to the milk.
did you know you could do that as a buttermilk replacement?
i had no idea.
anyway, they were really yummy so if you are looking for an easy + delicious pancake recipe you
should try them. thank you,!
oh- and it's not a blueberry pancake recipe, i just added the blueberries.


so.... in coffee news, specifically Virtual Coffee news, I am going to try something different starting in august.
i think i will take a little break for the last few weeks of summer, then come back the week school
starts for Virtual Coffee. that will be august 21, the first day of school is august 20. gulp.
you know i will need some serious pep talks and moral support that week.
anyway, i am kinda excited about trying something new, so...we'll see.

and in Shop news....
i updated my shop this morning.
i was really excited about a few of the things i just listed and hope they can find a new home soon.
the funny thing about the shop is that i honestly do want to keep most of the things i put in
there... but i can't, so on the shelf they go.

one more thing--
i watched julie & julia last night and i kind of forgot how good it was,  i hadn't seen it
since the theater.
meryl streep is just so good, one of all my all-time the whole blogging thing.
yep, love.
well- that's it for me today... hope you all have a great day.

Lucky13theshop >>>>>> now go shopping ; )


  1. Thinking one of those banners just may be the cherry on top for Stella's room...............

  2. Oh man...I need to watch a good, classic movie. I forget how beneficially it can be to do something that doesn't create any more mental work than what you already did ALL DAY LONG. Yes, that's right...I am declaring watching a really good movie good for your health. I've watched some of the Olympics but it makes me so nervous! And when the sweet little (because they ALL look like they are 11 years old) girl on the American team had her hopes and dreams shattered because of some rule and they kept sticking the camera in her face and wouldn't give her a minute to just be, just cry....that was it. I was done. If that had been my kid I would have marched down there blood pressure is rising just thinking about it! Julia and Julia sounds like just the right thing right about now...

  3. Now I'm totally adding Julie and Julia to my netflix list. I don't think I've seen it since the theater either. Now I'm yearning for it!

  4. I loved Julie and Julia as well and I can't wait for coffee with you in the fall. xo!


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