If You Build It, They Will Come...

Friday, July 27, 2012

The other day I posted some of my sunset over cornfields pictures on instagram and someone
said cornfields always remind her of the movie Field Of Dreams.
It's funny because after my last post where I confessed all of my doubting over this whole parenthood
thang, and got some awesome comments from everyone, I thought of that movie, too.
Because every time I share something personal I get the best response from you guys.
I so LOVE that and so appreciate it.
AND, it reminds me once again that sharing and being honest, even when it makes you feel a
little uncomfortable and vulnerable, or you worry about being judged or misunderstood, it is totally worth it.

I think each and every one of us struggles with different things whether it is in parenting or work, our
marriages, friendships, self-doubt....and when others share with us their struggles we do not feel so alone or that we are
the only ones struggling while everyone else has it all together.
No one has it all together.
No one.
And that is really reassuring to know.

I proudly announce the fact that I do not have it all together and never will.
I am a work in progress and if I had it all figured out already then I wouldn't be challenged and
tested, I wouldn't be growing or learning.
And I am completely okay with that.


A few of my favorite shots from this week via the trusty old iphone ::

*hitting the beach
*too lazy to drag my butt out of bed
*kid's supper
*fresh new bed, clean sheets and pillowcases
* coffe and breakfast date with the kids at starbucks this morning
*running errands with these crazy kids
* sunset in my rear view mirror
*amazing sunset last night


Happy Friday everyone.
Got any big plans this weekend?

ps- just realized I never explained the Filed Of Dreams reference... what? you can't read my mind?
sharing my last post on parenting made me think; "if you share it, they will come" : )


  1. great pics from your week and you sure are right about the parenting thing. It's got so many ups and downs sometimes I think I'm going crazy alone but reading posts like yours assure me that I'm not :)
    have a great weekend!

  2. great pics...love that beach one :) and yes, sharing is scary, but sometimes we just need to do that scary thing.



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