It's Here...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day.
First day of school.
The backpacks are packed, all the supplies are labeled, clothes are set out...
BUT, right now, instead of talking about how I am feeling about it all, how in the hell we got here
already and what I am going to do tomorrow...
Let's just look at some pretty pictures of my day instead, okay?
You can call it prolonging my denial just a little bit longer if you want.
You might be right.

The country, beautiful weather, horses, the pond, fishing, cousins, family, that sky, the lavender....
Can you even stand it?


Hope you had a great weekend.
Wish me luck tomorrow!


  1. Wishing your little ones a wonderful first day. Take a deep breathe, give out lot's of hugs and have some coffee...perhaps you can create something to keep your mind off it all. ;) Chin up!!! Mica @ The Child's Paper

  2. good luck today!!
    we had a short day on friday so we are all smiles and anticipation over here waiting for the "real thing" to start. and i have to start packing lunchboxes again!! ugh!!:)
    can't wait to read your thoughts about this big milestone.
    have a happy day amy

  3. How dare them grow so quickly and without our permission. Thinking of you this morning.

  4. La vita รจ piena di bellezza!

    Good luck today, chica! xo.

  5. these are so special amy. you've been on my heart friend. hope it went amazing!

  6. hope it all went well!! (and you didn't stumble into the classroom ;))


  7. your photos are lovely.
    i support anything that involves DENIAL!


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