It's Feeling Like Fall + A Shop Update

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hey there.
It's Friday!
And you know what?
It is really feeling like Fall last night and today, cooler temps, a little rain and no humidity!
That means we have survived 4 whole weeks of school now.
I have a whole post coming on that and what i think about our BIG switch and listening to
that little voice inside your head-- or heart.
more on that next week though.


This was my little Shop Assistant on Wednesday.
Isn't she cute?
Too bad she kept saying things like; "Why is your office so messy?" and "What is all this junk for?"
Whooops. Yeah, she might have been kinda right.

So I wanted to share with you here a few things here that I have just added and a few of my
personal favorites that are in the shop.
This whole Etsy shop thing is kinda time consuming, or really time consuming, but a lot of fun, too.
I have the perfect excuse to do what I already love doing;  thrifting, antiquing, flea-marketing and
rummage sailing but for my shop(and sometimes for myself) -- it's working for me.

*{Autumn Harvest Table Cloth + 4 cloth napkins}

I don't quite think the photos due this sweet table cloth justice, it is really cute and the muted Fall
colors make it just a little bit different than a lot of the table cloths I come across.
Perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving-- but it does not look like it is just for Thanksgiving at all so you
could use this for the next couple of months.

Here are a few of my personal Fall Favorites in the Shop right now....

Someone asked me just the other day how I shopped for my Shop.
Well, I just listed most of the places above, I also love Estate Sales and pretty much anywhere I
can dig through a bunch of stuff looking for buried treasures.
I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.
I only buy things that I like myself, unless I am specifically buying something for a person I have in
mind. I don't buy things just because I think they will sell if I don't really like it because if it doesn't sell
then it's mine, so I had better love it.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. oh those fall treausres are the sweetest!! between them and this weather...i am really in the mood for pumpkins!:)
    have a happy day amy

  2. I'm so glad the humidity has dropped. I'm ready for boots, scarves and jackets. Will probably be a bit before I can do that here yet, but it's coming.


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