Random Thursday-Ness

Thursday, September 13, 2012

So I got a new lens last week.
I'm still trying to figure it out but I must say I do love these shots of my boy.
There was little to no editing on these pictures except the second, obviously.
Love his twinkly little eyes.
That boy is pretty darn cute, even with his janked up haircut we have not yet bothered to fix.

Yep, I think I like it so far.
The lens, not the hair.

And speaking of hair....
I know how bad I need a haircut.
I really do.
It's bad...but I hate going(weird?) and my hairdresser skipped town and I hate looking for a new one.
So I just haven't. And then trim my ends and try to cut bangs myself...Fail.
Oh well.

So last night we had a super-quick, like 2 hour dinner date, out for Mexican we went while the kids went to the in-laws.
Date night on a school/work night never happens but it had been a long time and we needed a quick
get-away. And yes, I did leave with wet hair but it was still a date.
And Eric was home yesterday so we were able to go much earlier than on a day he works.
I am so thankful for family that will watch the kids last minute so we can escape briefly.
The older I get, or the older the kids get, I realize how much of a necessity it really is to have time together, not just solo alone time or family time.
You really have to make the effort to balance all three.

I am in the middle of organizing my little bitty office, aka: maid's quarters, trying to get all of my shop
stuff organized into Rubbermaid containers; one for items currently listed and another for items
to be listed, and....the list goes on.
Plus I need to get all of the laundry finished today and start packing for our weekend get-away to Indiana.
Busy day but I am excited!

That's it for my random Thursday post.... lots of rambling and unrelated pictures : )
What about you?
What's going on with you?

And how often do you get date nights/weekends away?
Do tell.


  1. date night is awesome!
    My hubby and I have lunch dates, now that the girls are in school, he walks home for lunch at noon every day, it's rushed and hurried, but at least we get a few minutes without little ears around!
    we do try to either go for a 15 minute walk some nights or out for a drink by ourselves maybe one night a week or once a month more like it for an hour.....now that savannah is almost 13 we do let her babysit for those times, but i worry the whole time and text them non stop so it's almost not worth going lol!

  2. p.s. what lens did you get?
    my 50mm f1.4 and my 24-70mmf2.8L lens are BOTH NOT WORKING UGH!!!!!! I need a cheap back up!

  3. Date nights are great. We go out once a week usually.. but I know that's not happening forever.. we just don't have kids yet. Lol.

  4. randoms are my favorite :) your "bad" hair looks great on you!! makes me miss my long hair. i think your bangs look adorable!


  5. So we just had a marriage retreat with out church this past weekend. IT wasn't your average run of the mill marriage retreat either. They were calling it Romance Uncensored and Sextember. Yeah, pretty steamy:) My last two blog posts are from the notes I jotted down while there. We don't have kids yet and have been married a little over 2 years. We hardly go on dates night. And I don't consider sitting on the couch watching re runs on Netflix a date. So now that we are refreshed and knowledged after the retreat, we are going to make more of an effort. Because if we don't know, we definitely won't when we have kids someday. Love this post and love the new lens! Your blog is such a joy Amy! :)

  6. Just leaving a comment to say your blog is really sweet! As a Decatur-ite and fellow crafty lady I love your ideas! And just so you know I'm also a hairdresser, and one of my clients tipped me off to your blog! She is a former neighbor of yours!

  7. How do you like the new lens?! You got the 50, right? Did you get the 50 D or G? I love mine! Wish I had the G. I have the older D. It's a bit cheaper.
    Glad you got a date night out! I can't remember the last time we had a date night. We never go out. Just don't make it a priority. Not good, I know... Need to change that.
    Great photos of your cute boy. :)

  8. Getaways are the best. Even better when its unexpected. I love those times. So care free. And it is hard to get time away.

    I need an office. Even maid's quarters. lol... jealous.

    Ok I'm with everyone else. What lens, baby? We gots to know. :)


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