Memory Makin'

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ahhhh, long weekends are so good.
A bit of a break from reality.
That one extra day just makes them that much more special and this weekend was no exception.

But  I have a really hard time putting pictures or ideas out there that make things look too good.
If you have been reading here very long at all, you know that.
So, I have to tell you that I was not looking forward to our annual Labor Day trip to the Cabin, not
at all.
We have gone basically all summer long with virtually no rain but the past several days we have had
a lot.
The idea of going down there just to be cooped up in the cabin with 7-10 kids, a dog and a cabin full of adults didn't sound super appealing to me.
Add to that the possibility of a certain older adult's grumpiness(i'm not namin' names) over wild cooped-up kids, tracking in mud and rain and dealing with  an outhouse in the rain during the night ...
Yeah, I could have easily been persuaded to just stay home.

But luckily I have Eric to talk me out of being an old negative grouch that would just rather stay home sometimes.
That and the guilt of knowing I would make the kids miss out on a whole lot of fun with their cousins, which is one of their most favorite things EVER...
made me realize we should go and I should get over myself.
So go, we did.
And it never fails that every single time I feel that way about going somewhere or doing something,
I am always more than happy that we went.

That's my man helping me pick wildflowers to fill a jar-- he is also the best poison ivy spotter out there.
Oh and it rained.
A lot.
It stormed then it was sunny, then it sprinkled, then the sun came out, over and over again.
Gotta love that manic midwestern weather.
And lots of rain means lots of mud.
The kids were in heaven.

Lots of things bother me or irritate me-- but see all that mud?
That doesn't bother me at all.
And the fact that there is no running water at the Cabin?
Fine with it.
We have a rain barrel and soap and towels- not a problem.
The only problem was that I was a little short on extra clothes for the kids, but we managed.
And how much fun does that look like anyway?

We are home and showered and un-packed and the laundry is going.
Back to school tomorrow.
But until then, we are going to finish off this long weekend with homemade pizza and ET.

How was your weekend? What did you do?
Hope it was a good one.
Oh- and Happy Monday...I'm going to be off on what day it is all week now.


  1. Hey, all that rain made for some really great droplet shots! Glad you had fun!

  2. We had a great weekend!
    We mostly just hung out at home, but on Saturday we went to our new friends and she had invited 3 other families and we went on their boat and also the kids went tubing and swam in the river and you know what? i didn't get ONE SINGLE PICTURE! I know, CRAZY!!! but I just met these people in June don't want to take pictures yet! lol! the girls first time tubing and they had a BLAST!
    monday was HORRIBLE, I had an allergy attack that almost sent me to the ER, IT WAS BAD! I have to make an appointment with an Allergist ASAP!
    my kids started school today!
    have a GREAT day!
    LOVE all your pics!

  3. What a beautiful family you have!

  4. Oh that mud rocks. I would be fine with all of the mud-fun, but the hubbster would die. He's a neat freak. lol! I am glad that things turned out good despite of your fears.


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