Weekending:: Andy Warhol, Rain Boots & A Rummage Sale

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Friday night was date night for the kids and I.
We went to a local art show and out to dinner, just the three of us.
We got dressed up-well, we got out of our "lounging clothes" anyway, and grabbed the umbrellas.
There was a huge thunderstorm that ended just in time for us to leave.
Let me just tell you how happy Charlotte was about the rain and the puddles- she got to wear her  new
rain boots and splash in all the puddles, in a white dress. Yeah.

The kids loved the art show; they both love to draw, illustrate, paint and color.
Wyatt's teacher this year also has a degree in art, which is perfect for my boy.
He incorporates art into their daily work and encourages Wyatt with his drawings.
I love that.
Wyatt came home from school yesterday and said they did a "pop art" project and wondered if I had ever heard of Andy Warhol : )
Then last night at the art show Wyatt spotted a painting of Andy Warhol and thought that was really cool and explained to his sister who it was
and what he did.
Getting good reports on test scores and reading levels and all that jazz is good but the Andy Warhol thing made this mama proud.


Saturday we had a rummage sale and after it was over- or wait, an hour into it- I vowed never to
have another one.
Like never again.
You might wanna remind me of that in a few years though when I think it's a good idea again.
I  LOVE going to rummage sales but I do not love having them.
People are annoyingly cheap. A nice pair of little girl's Nike tennis shoes are marked $1 and the lady just has to ask if we will take
50 cents instead.
Fifty cents instead of a dollar because you know, that extra fifty cents she just really needed.
For a pair of tennis shoes that are in great condition?!
Those people make me want to say no just out of spite...Mature of me, I know.
But when people are nice and friendly and are going through all the baby clothes I have
marked a dollar each and saying how cute they are I have no problem
telling them to pack a grocery bag full of clothes,  as much as they can possibly get in there for $4.
Okay-- rummage sale rant is over.


This morning it's still just the kids and I, Eric will be home from the Cabin today.
We have an open day with nothing going on, love days like this.
Homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast, coffee, windows open, kids spread out on the floor drawing and no school tomorrow.
Another 3-day weekend.
Hope you have a great Sunday, too!

Oh---- I almost forgot about the bracelet give-away.
Leslie, I'll be sending the bracelets your way this week! : )


  1. I think the very best part of a weekend with just three is knowing the fourth will be home soon. Sounds like the perfect weekend after all the hubbubb of a new school year. Lovely love my friend.

  2. i actually love mommy and kid date nights since everyone has to do what i say :) bossy.
    and that art show looks fun! great idea!

    and i absolutely HATE bargaining.
    hate it. hate it. hate it.
    so if i go to a rummage sale or flea market i pay what they are asking.(i bet those people see me comin' from a mile away)
    and i don't have garage sales or anything because of exactly what you are talking about. HATE it!

    love your girl's boots too
    and your buddy's hat...you guys are too cool.

  3. Lovin' the boots.

    I love to garage sale also, and hate to have them too. The last one I had, it was late in the day and we were packing up and someone came up just started going through the boxes we had just packed up and throwing stuff around. It was crazy.

  4. I totally know what you mean...I had a sale this Summer and everyone always wants something for nothing. Nice things and they ask 50 cents???? Uhhh no, I say, you can't even get it at the thrift shop for what I am asking...If they are not willing to pay the dollar, then they don't need it. Hah! It bugs me to no end. I pay what someone asks at sales...well except on furniture...it never hurts to ask if they would take a little less. Last year I got a cute vintage side table for my daughter, they were asking ten.....I would have paid it but asked if they would take five....she had no problem since it was at the end of the day...But a dollar, come on, it's a dollar. oi vey. Have a great week, i will stop ranting now. Mica @ The Child's Paper


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