{ Snapshots }

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life lately has been falling leaves and chillier weather and birthday parties and a 
million school things... a walk through the cemetery, a trip tot the children's museum, a family 
movie outside, practicing with a new bow & arrow set, lots of baking 
and lots and lots of Legos.

This week is definitely slower than last week, thankfully.
We are trying to enjoy this beautiful weather and all of the trees before they lose all of 
their leaves... it won't be too long.

I think today might just call for a caramel apple with nuts, I haven't had one yet this Fall.
Is it looking like Fall where you are yet?


  1. these are just beautiful amy.
    our leaves are falling fast around here. that darn wind!!:)
    time to grab the big camera and head outside!
    have a happy day

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