Swirling Thoughts

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

so i have about ten posts in my head all at once but not one of them is
a complete thought.... do you know what i mean?
it's like blogging adhd...i start thinking about one thing... stop. then another better 
thought or idea... stop. start editing pictures to go with a completely different post...

last night the kids were up a little late for a school night, eric was not
 home from work yet and i was in the shower with the door open and overheard this--
"mommy sure is awfully agreeable tonight"
"i know, don't rock the boat"

i love when i hear stuff like this without them knowing.
and how did they get to be so smart anyway?
and by the way, these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this rambling post...

see that vine covered building i came across last week?
how cool is that?!
it is just begging for a little photo shoot,
and that house in the first and last picture?
i just love it. dreamy.

and this song. sigh.
i can't get enough of him lately.

oh yeah, and happy halloween.
are you like me and enjoy all the festivities leading up to the big day but then
once it is finally here it's like;
okay, let's get this show on the road already. i'm over it.
that's me.

okay, i have 2 dozen cupcakes to bake now and i need to get the kid's stuff
ready for their school parade & parties.
happy, happy day y'all.


  1. Awfully agreeable. HA! Little stinkers. I would love to be awfully agreeable more often if my kids would just cooperate when I am. ;)

    Love the pictures. The house looks a little creepy to me though. Maybe it is just my Halloween mood.

  2. your blog is such a blessing to me.

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