{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey there.
How about a cup of coffee this morning?
I would love for you to grab a cup of coffee, get comfy and join me.

I know I have been a little(a lot?) flaky with Virtual Coffee and wasn't sure what I was gonna do about it...
First I thought I might be done for good, then I thought maybe I would start  it up again....
then I wasn't sure....yep, flaky.
I needed a break from it, I got it, I missed it...  and I am back.
This will be a weekly thing again, every Tuesday, and you can read more about it here.
I would love it if all of the old "regulars"  that used to join me on Tuesday mornings would do so again, and I would love to
meet some new people here on Tuesday mornings as well!

Hillbilly Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?
If you missed my recipe you should check it out here.
I call it the Hillbilly Pumpkin Spice Latte because it is my homemade, somewhat-janky, version of
the PSL.
And check out the mugs I got a couple of weeks ago, I am kinda in love with them.
If you are ever anywhere near Dekalb, Illinois you need to go this the store where I got them-- so much vintage + new goodness in there.

So,  if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
I would tell you that Halloween activities have been in full swing over here! Wow.
There is really a lot going on for kids at Halloween these days, don'tcha think?
And honestly, we don't even do a third of it, I would go crazy.

Last night we went to Boo at The Zoo,  so the kids dressed up and please make sure you take notice
of my boy's Knight helmet.
I busted that helmet out in about 20 minutes yesterday, that's all the time I had.
And I was pretty proud of myself, too.
I had to use stuff we already had on hand, which was a plastic army helmet, lots of aluminum foil, a cereal box, play-doh
lid, glitter and a "W" magnet.
Thank God for glue guns, huh?

So, Wednesday the kids have Halloween parties in their classes and they walk in a parade outside
around the school so they are pretty excited about that. And I kinda am, too.
I remember how much I loved Halloween and all of the excitement leading up to it as a kid--
and not just the candy part of it.
Being out after dark, getting dressed up and yeah, the candy didn't hurt either.
I did hate getting those hard orange + black wrapped peanut butter candies. YUck.
What did you not like/what was your favorite candy to get?

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning we would be talking about the hurricane and
wondering about everyone in the NorthEast.
I hope everyone is safe this morning and that damage/injuries, etc are minimal where you are.
Scary stuff.
Saturday I picked my last rose before Spring.
This looked as if it was just about to bloom for nearly 2 weeks and then finally did.
It is so pretty, I love these yellow roses.


Well, my cup is about empty and it's about time for me to get moving and get on with the day.
Oh! Before you go I would have to ask if anyone is watching Nashville ?!?
Please tell me you are....someone. I am in love with that show.
If you remember,  I was a huge fan of Friday Night Lights fan and my girl, Connie Britton,
aka: Tammy Taylor is in Nashville, too. LOVE her.
I want to be Connie Britton when I grow up.
For real.

Thanks for stopping by this morning and chatting with me-- or listening to me.
If you want to link up the link will stay open through Friday.
Have a great day!


  1. I will join you for coffee next week, girl. However today is a mug & run. lol! I love Halloween with the kiddos,too. Although due to college classes this year I can't go to their parties. :( I am quite sad. However... I'm excited for you. How fun! Enjoy, enjoy...

    PS. Glue guns are the bomb.


  2. Glad you're back! Yes to the Hillbilly Pumpkin Spice! Yum!

  3. yes I love Nashville!! How could you not, the music, the acting??!!

  4. Nashville is the best. Love it! And I love Connie Britton too, I wish she was my older sister. She can do no wrong!

  5. i will totally join you for coffee on tuesdays...when i blog. i've been a very spotty blogger lately.

    love your lattes. seriously! made the first one on saturday morning and it's been an every morning thing now since. i'm sure when december comes the gingerbread or peppermint version will be soooo good too!

    have not seen nashville. but it looked good.

    your kids are so super cute in their costumes!! love the helmet, super mama!!

  6. I can't wait to link up next week! I am impressed with the helmet, it looks great!

  7. I love the coffee posts,
    in fact it's friday at 12:05 and i am getting my first cup of coffee. don't ask LOL!
    the girls had a GREAT time trick or treating though it was COLD here in the U.P.
    today michael has his 5th Radiation treatment and he's doing sooooo well! he's napping now so that seems to give him energy. he has more energy than I do at this point LOL!


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