The Weekend Lens :: Day Trip

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday I had a day all to myself.
It started out rough, I am not gonna lie.
And I will spare you all the reasons why. Ughhhh.
I left early and as soon as I hit the interstate the fog was so thick it was really hard to see.
I hate to drive in heavy rain + snow or thick fog, especially when it is dark out. Not fun.
I met my friend there, it's not quite half-way for both of us, just a little farther for me than her-- it's far
enough to feel like a get-away but close enough to make it a day trip.
Luckily my super stressful morning ended in a good day after all.

We went to a couple of really fun shops, one of them made me want almost everything in the store.
I brought home a couple of mugs from the shop below and I had a really hard time choosing.
Obviously I am a sucker for all of the 70's stuff-- the daisies, all of the orange + yellow, the funky patterns and hanging
pom pom curtains. And the 1970s laptop/notebook made me laugh.
So true!

Can you even stand it all?
The best stuff ever.


And my ride home; watching the sun go down, listening to music and having lots and lots
of time to think.
Just what I needed.

So, how was your weekend?
And where is your favorite place for a day road trip?
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


  1. it's like vintage heaven!
    we all need days to ourselves...even if it's just a few hours.
    i know i do!
    so glad your day ended well. :)

  2. those stores look so amazing! the 70's laptop made me giggle :)

    so glad you got a day away!

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