A Few Things I Learned This Week Via My Iphone

Saturday, December 1, 2012

1. I can handle the cold and the snow but I need the SUN. Need it.
2. I will never get sick of taking pictures of cool, old buildings.
3. Essay writing for 2'nd graders? No thanks.
4. Restaurants with cars in them are pretty cool.

5. My boy would be really cute in the marching band.
6. Vintage horses are really expensive.
7. New antique stores are never a bad idea, impossible.

8. I haven't been getting my big camera out nearly enough lately.
9. I  really, really need to stop cutting my own hair and get a new hair dresser already.
10. There is just something about a girl and her daddy.

11. One day before I know it that little girl looking at herself int he mirror will be a teenager :(
12. Putting on a shirt that was way too tight to wear last time and this time...it's NOT is a 
really good thing.
13. Pine forests = the best babysitter ever, I had to drag the kids out of there.

14. Cousins really are the BEST thing in the world.


And those are just a few of my favorite iphone pics this week.
That is just a fraction of them, trust me.
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** most pictures here i took with the hipstamatic app, one of my most favorites.


  1. i can't find you on instagram : ( i have an iphone now!

  2. I need the sun, too. Uh so... (I know this is bad) but I got a tanning membership for the winter. After last years depression, I refuse to go "there" again and I will get some sunshine in somehow, dang-it. Plus I don't do it every day and I only do it for a little while. Anyway...I'm rationalizing and rambling.

    Also, those pine forests are gorgeous! And he would be an adorable marching band kiddo.

    And woo-hoo... to being fit and wearing shirts that aren't tight.

    xo! Enjoy your Sunday.


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