All Dressed Up For Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2012

So, it's no secret, I admitted it right here I have really struggled with finding my holiday spirit
this year.
I know, I know.
I just couldn't get into it, like at all.
I wanted to have it, I really did... I just hadn't found mine yet.
But, But, But....
I just knew I was gonna find my holiday spirit any minute.... and then we all got sick.
Every one of us.
13 days ago.

Fever, cough, headache, lethargic, head colds, ear infections for both kids...
and then the stomach flu hit hard; Charlotte, Eric and I.
True story.
And yes, I do know that Wyatt will most likely still get it right before Christmas, I know this.

Our ornaments and decorations are a mix of vintage, new and childhood favorites.
Some of my Shiny Brite ornaments are my most favorites, all of them were thrifted-- many I got at
 one rummage sale a couple of years ago for pennies.
Like literally, just pennies.
I love that.

Out of pure laziness, I kept the mantle super simple this year; just jars of some
 of my favorite ornaments, lights that we keep up year round anyway, and then 
some more jars and candle holders. 
I love how the jars look with the lights behind them, so soft and pretty.

Oh you guys, Charlie Brown ain't got nothin' on the Bramer Family's Christmas tree this year!
Our tree is so puny that it won't even hold most of our ornaments... and that's okay.
A couple of weeks ago Eric was down at the cabin and I asked him to look for a tree to cut
 down and bring home... he did. I'm not complaining, it works.

So there's a little bit of our home all dressed up for Christmas, now you know I am not
 a complete Scrooge anyway.
Last night I watched White Christmas, made a list of everything I still need to do
and even managed to get stuff to make gingerbread cookies with the kids after school today.


Happy Thursday.
5 days and counting....


  1. I watched it too. What a great movie!! So old Hollywood. I really need to find an old milk bottle with Decatur on it. My Grandpa was a milkman. Never got to meet him. His milk truck was hit by a train and he died before I was born. A milk jar with Decatur on it would be a perfect thing to find. Keep your eyes peeled for me.

  2. Looks amazing, friend.
    Just perfect.
    We are watching White Christmas right now. :)
    Happy baking!

  3. Still waiting to watch It's A Wonderful Life..that's my favourite of the season:) LOVE your decor! Not sure if I'll get any baking done...enjoy the gingerbread cookies.


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