Because It Has To Be Said...

Monday, December 17, 2012

I didn't plan to post today but I decided that before Coffee tomorrow I had to.
I cannot get on here tomorrow and act like nothing has happened.
Like nothing has changed.
Like our hearts and our world isn't just absolutely broken.
Because it is.
It really is.
I have no words of wisdom, no enlightenment to make myself or anyone else feel better.
No answers....and no questions.
I'm not taking a stance or giving my opinion on anything.
My heart is too broken.

(i posted this on facebook friday)

I have a kindergartner and a second grader.
Six-years old and 8-years old.
One or both of my kids have been sick since this past Friday and today Charlotte, my kindergartner, finally went back
to school for just a few hours after being out 4 1/2 days.
I took her in right before lunch and when we walked into her classroom her teacher literally cheered and hugged her and
all of her classmates ran up to her saying;  
"Charlotte is back! Charlotte is back!" hugging her.
Her class had just hunted the school for The Gingerbread Man and were starting to get 
their coats on and lining up for recess.
My heart was happy knowing this is where I get to leave my kids.
At a school where they are loved and are happy, where other people care about them.
Before I walked out of her class Charlotte's teacher quietly asked me if I had heard anything in the news.
"Something has happened" she said, " I think something at a school".
My heart dropped.
I walked back home and turned on the TV where I saw the headlines.
I watched for less than 3 minutes and have not watched since.
My heart is broken.
All I can think of is my own kid's classmates... their families, their siblings... 
their parents and their teachers, their teacher's families.
These are the ones I entrust with my kids every single day, the ones who step in and do my job(plus a whole lot more) 
five days a week.
I had just looked at all the little kindergartner's faces and Charlotte's teacher not five minutes ago.
My heart broke into a million pieces, it is all too close.

Hug your kids extra tight, tell your family and friends you LOVE them and how much they mean to you while you
have the chance... 
Thank your children's teachers for what they do every single day in our absence.
And say a prayer.
What else can we do?



  1. I wasn't planning on posting about it either, but I just had to. This is a messed up world we are living in and it is up to change it. We need to teach our children a different way. LOVE EACH OTHER.
    The only way to fight evil is with with goodness and light. Pray. And teach our kids.

  2. oh amy
    i am with you.
    i am so heartbroken.

  3. there really are no answers. i don't have any questions either. no questions and no answers...just sad. all the way around...sad.

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