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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I know that things are just things and supposedly you can only really be happy from the inside...
without all of these things... Right? ....
WELL, that might be what they say, BUT being surrounded by things you love, things that inspire you
can make you really happy, too.
I truly believe that, so never mind what THEY say, whoever they are.

It is so weird to me when you go into someones house and you look around and realize anyone could live there...
like, their home does not tell you anything at all about who lives there.
Do you know what I mean?
I hate that.
I believe in being surrounded by all of those little + big things at home that help make you just as happy, at peace
and inspired as possible.

Here's just a few things that make our house HOME for me....

Art On The Walls :: Your own art, your kid's art, bought art, framed art, taped up art, photographs.   
Don't worry about what you think you should love or what you think "good art" is supposed to be.
Anything you love is good art. Period.

Flowers + Plants :: It's simple, flowers make me happy... Inside outside, anywhere.
And the BEST thing about flowers is that you can spend just a little bit of money on them and they bring an instant
cheeriness to any room or spot. Grocery store + farmer's market flowers are my best friends.

Books :: Your books, old books, new books, kid books.
You can never have too many books, right?

A Spot Of Your Own :: Anywhere...  a whole room, an office, a little part of the basement, a desk in your bedroom, a craft/sewing room. 
Anywhere that you can have some of your things, just for you---to write, sew, craft, read, make jewelry, paint, read cookbooks, browse
around online...Whatever it is you love to do when you have a little bit of free time just for yourself.

Music :: Music is a must int his house, Eric + I are both HUGE music lovers.
Records, Cd's, music stations on tv, radios, ipods, phones... anywhere  you  can get it.
I personally love the sound of scratchy old records on the turn table,  but listen to all of the above.

Sunlight + Windows :: Now I realize that I can't actually control whether or not the sun shines,
BUT  if it is shining, I am going to see it and feel it...Especially in the Winter.
Living in a house with lots of natural sunlight and windows is a necessity for my mental health.
Gotta have it, simple as that.

Happy Coffee :: Wait-- am I saying that coffee actually tastes better in a cute mug? Absolutely.
So does your tea, water, wine, smoothies and diet cokes. Same goes for dishes, cooking + baking utensils, etc.
Just look at that, instant happiness.


So there's a little of what makes ME happy at home..
What about you? What do you always have around that makes you and your home just a little bit happier?


  1. Love the pictures. I really enjoy just the everyday things around our home. Great job. Sarah from http://faithfamilyandfstops.blogspot.com

  2. My motto? Money is never wasted when it's on books. :)
    Am really enjoying the pics of the corners of your adorable home!

  3. Simply lovely list - and great photos to go with it!

  4. my favorite coffee mug, my favorite snuggly blankie, my favorite books, my scrapbook desk and supplies, my cozy bed...

  5. Such a good list...we're finally moving our home away from the model style to our style and I can finally say I am loving my house. I guess it took a while to decide what we like is okay!

    Your home is so comfy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. OMG - the sun beam, yellow rose and glowing green leaf - SWOON! One of my favorite on line pictures in weeks!! Brightened my whole day! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I agree 100% with this entire post!!! I do not enjoy walking into someone's home that looks like it came from Kirkland's or XYZ store. Not fun!!
    Love your home and life is too short to drink coffee out of an ugly mug!
    Happy Monday!

  8. I love this!! I have bloom and that same little flowered notebook at home...and Orla mugs?! They are the BEST. I agree coffee tastes much better when it's in a cute mug!!!

  9. Your blog is so, so lovely! I'm glad to have stumbled upon it...which led to oodles of admiration over your beautiful photos. Excited to be following along!


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