Progress + New Year Goals /// Week 2

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hi there.
So,  last week I told you all about my One Little Word and a little bit about my goals + hopes for this year...
I thought I would share a little bit more today.
Oh- and in case you missed it last week, my OLW is accomplish.
Accomplish- to achieve or complete successfully(which is pretty much the opposite of what I tend to do in my life more than half of the time).

Every week, at least once, I plan to review my goals, lists, etc. so as not to immediately forget what exactly
it is I was wanting to do this year.
You know, so it's not February and I'm like; "wait...what was my word again?"
Uh-- yeah, that * might * have happened before.

My first goal on Tuesday(kids first day back to school)was to get a good start on finding places for all of the stuff we have gotten
from Eric's grandparent's home.
Over the weekend Eric had brought in quite a bit more stuff including a couch, bookcases along with many smaller things.
It was all just sitting in my dining room stressing me out, in a serious way.
I know this is probably common sense to everyone but it's something I have only really come to realize
in the last few years; A chaotic space/room/home = a chaotic mind.
I know, I know....Duhhhhhh.
It's especially true for me though and it is one of the BIGGEST things I want to work on this year;
controlling the chaos.

One of the spaces that needs a lot of organization is my little office, aka: the maid's quarters.
I'm trying to figure out the best way/place to store all of the inventory for my shop, it's getting increasingly difficult and I have
got to come up with a better solution.
In the mean time,  I worked on a few smaller things in there yesterday and decided to start by getting rid of the big bulletin
board over my desk + changing up the wall.
I'm not done yet but I  love how it's looking so far.

> With Brave Wings She Flies :: free printable from Danielle at Take Heart
> You Are Lovely free printable ::  from Heather at Life Made Lovely

How are you doing with your goals, lists + resolutions/intentions at this point?
Do you have any tips, tricks or systems that really help you stick with your goals-- or to keep you motivated....
Any books/blogs/sites/quotes that are inspiring to you?

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Wouldn't these little planners help you stay organized this year?
I think so!
Hope everybody has a great day... how is it Thursday already anyway?


  1. it is going to be a good year. you can do it amy! whatever it is that has been holding you back...let it go and go for it:) my fast has been hard. i'm 10 days in...almost half way there. i've been getting organized. did my studio and that feels unbelievable. not i can think and hopefully create again;)

  2. my goals list is not doing too well! I was going to have weekly check in sessions with myself every sunday and set goals for each week, I am NOT doing so well. LIfe has thrown me one too many curveballs lately and I feel so depressed somedays that I am having a hard time just making it out of bed, it's awful! I think my goal for this year is basically survival mode, and to make sure my kids are okay. that's about all I can handle! sooooooooo upsetting to me as I have so many plans for myself. I am however doing pretty well on my devotionals every day and writing down things that make me happy! that's about as far as I have gotten!

  3. it feels so good to get organized.
    i love that feeling.
    and your house looks so clean and inviting, yay! for you!
    keep up the good work pal!


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