{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hey there.
Good morning.
Would you please just stop and look at that beautiful cup of coffee right there for a sec?
Ain't she pretty?
I think this is the ONLY way to start off this freezing cold Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday.
It is about 6 whole degrees here this morning... Winter has officially hit Illinois, folks.

So I am going to get back under my quilt on the couch and drink my coffee.
Find a spot, grab a blanket and a cup of coffee and join me.

The forecast for tomorrow shows a chance of snow and I have to say that I am hoping to wake up to snow-- lots of it.
Because, really? If it is going to be 6* there might as well be a whole lot of snow to go along with it,

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning.....
I would have to ask you if you watched the Presidential Inauguration yesterday?
We watched it and I have to admit that I was getting pretty into it and was excited to see just what dress
The First Lady would be wearing already.
Charlotte + I both liked the girl's purple coats; Charlotte liked Sasha's coat best and I liked Malia's.

So we would have to talk about our long weekends this morning....
How was yours? What did you do?
Our weekend was the perfect combination of busy and relaxed.... the best kind of weekend.
Eric was out of town so Saturday & Sunday it was just the kids and I.
Saturday morning I took the kids and my two nieces to Open Gym so they could run around for a couple of hours and burn
off some of that crazy Winter energy.
All of them did the rock climbing wall and the youngest went higher than everyone else, not sure how the other three felt about that.

Saturday night the kids and I watched Diary Of A Whimpy Kid and then after they went to bed I watched I Don't Know How She Does It.
Have you seen it?
I don't think it got the best ratings when it came out but I liked it, and I love Sarah Jessica Parker so I
thought I would give it a try.
Definitely a funny but realistic look at parenting and how it is being a mom in the trenches today.

Saturday night I had a nice, quiet night alone.
I know some people don't like to be home alone when their husbands are gone but I am not that person. I love it.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't like it if he travelled for work regularly or for long periods of time,
but being alone for the weekend is different.
I light all the candles after the kids go to bed, pour a glass of wine and get under the blankets to
watch a movie.
I kinda love it.

Pictures in the collage above are from photo strips I took on my phone with the Hipstamatic Incredibooth app.
Love that app, it gives you old school photo strips... kinda cool.
Well, that's about it for me this morning-- I am out of coffee and I have a dirty bathroom that needs cleaned
before I have to go over to school and help out later.
Hope everybody has a great day!

(love this free printable. how cute is that?)


  1. This was a happy post for a Tuesday that really does feel like a Monday to me too! More coffee please :)

  2. that coffee looks delicious!
    no, I didn't watch the inauguration! I am in denial that he is the President again LOL!~ I LOVE his family though!!!!!
    it's -11 here today YUK!
    and i agree, I WANT SNOW here in the u.p. if it's going to be this darn cold, where is the SNOW???~!
    if we were meeting for coffee, you would see me in a hat and my jammies today! and I feel better today than I have in the last two weeks, happier even today than in a long time.....maybe even might scrapbook today?! love,

  3. a: the coffee looks so good!

    i hate that winter is here! ugh. i need summer to come back.

    sounds like a good weekend!

  4. thanks for coffee. i may have stole your mug and drank that all up! when ever i see your coffee pics on instagram i start craving the yummy gooness! since im canadian i didnt get a long weekend or watch the inauguration. we are in a cold snap here in canada -47 so your 6 is looking mighty fine to me! i am so so ready for spring now.
    you are also the most darling and photogenic! i just have to make goofy faces other wise i look like im trying to hard to look cute!


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