Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have a thing for abandoned buildings-- rusty, old, overgrown, falling down, graffiti-ed up... I love it all.
I came across this building last week by accident and I think it might just make a great back-drop for pictures/portraits
when the weather warms up just a bit.
I was so glad that I thought to grab my Nikon before I left.
One of the (many) things I dislike about Winter is the lack of natural light for taking pictures outside.
I guess the freezing weather isn't really a favorite either.

Happy Sunday! 
Hope everyone has a great day.

This is what we'll be doing tonight....
How about you? 


  1. Beautiful photos! I too love abandoned and old things... I love the photos of the #2 door and the green light, awesome! thanks for sharing

  2. I'm drawn to old buildings - you've captured many of its cool details!

  3. More from me - I'm in East Central Illinois - Waving HI across the prairie!

  4. i do too. graffiti is a perk. happy new week to you girlie.

  5. Ooooh! Know what I think when I see those awesome old buildings . . . "imagine all the cool old rusty junk left inside!" Like that green enamel light and those numbers on the doors- all good junk!!

  6. it's perfect! i love industrial, rusty photo shoots.

  7. The perfect place for photo shoots! Love it!


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