Mrs. Bramer(aka: Reading Mom)Goes PTA

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have a not-so-secret to tell ya.
This whole stay-at-home-mom of school-aged kids is different.
And weird.
But guilt-inducing.
It's perfect... and a little too much free time.
But not quite as much free time as I had expected.
All at once.

Weird I tell ya.
Last week I think I was at school four days.
And I think two of those days I was there for over 3 hours each time.
Ummm... they should just hire me and it would take care of my little issue of needing to
find a part-time job.
That might work.

Our new school became a Project-Based Learning Laboratory School this year associated with
the University.
We love it.
Its a different approach to learning and it is working great for the kids, for all of us.
I think as a new parent +  new kids at this school, which has a lot of big changes going on
this year, we want it to be successful.
There are other of families just like us that switched schools to go here and also lots of families just starting out with this whole
school thing and I think we're all hoping for the same thing while doing what we can.
It feels really good to feel good about our decision to make this big switch.
That means a lot of volunteering but also lots of cool + unique projects and extra stuff in the evenings
and on weekends.
But, I am taking full advantage of the fact that I am able to spend so much time over there this year, it's a big year full of changes and
lots of good stuff...and who knows, next year might look different for us.

The other day at school I heard someone mention my name in conversation and said;
"Mrs. Bramer is here...." and once again my first thought was; Huh? My mother-in-law is here?
Some days you just wonder how you got from being in school yourself to becoming the Second
Grade Reading Mom of a kindergartner and second-grader?
Weird, I tell ya.


  1. you're a good mommy.
    also, i like your blog make over.

  2. loving your new header...what sweetness that is!! and mrs. bramer suits you. here in carolina EVERYONE is ms. somebody. it's good.

  3. I LOVE hearing your take on this phase of life. I think about it alot....I my littlest is almost two...have a while till grade school but I so often think about that transition. You are doing it YOUR way and that is the very, very, VERY best way of all!


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