A Portrait A Week

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So this week I remembered to take both of the kid's pictures in the same day and remembered to post them.
Imagine that! 
These were taken this week over Spring Break when we were down at my parent's cabin for a couple of days and although they are
not fantastic photos or anything I kinda love that I captured them in the moment just being themselves and doing their thing.
Charlotte was just playing around and being silly, then climbed on top of the car with her binoculars to do a little bird watching.
Wyatt was down in the woods showing me how he shoots paint balls with his sling shot while hitting the tree with
 them every single time. Impressive.
Oh, to be a kid in the woods.

Charlotte Rose, 6


Wyatt James, 8

Linking up with Che & Fidel's lovely weekly portrait series, go check out more over there.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, back to school for us tomorrow.


  1. perfect. just perfect.
    you are amazing for remembering to do this!

  2. As always your portraits are so fresh, REAL, and delightful.


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