Make It /// Easter Bunny Envelopes

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey there.
Happy Monday and Happy Snow Day to us!
I just kinda realized that Easter is this week(Wait... this week?!)...So, I thought I would share this super-quick and easy
little project just in time for Easter.
I think I first saw this idea in Martha Stewart Kids Magazine many years ago. Man, I loved that magazine.

How cute is that anyway?
Really the best thing is how simple they are to make and that you will have everything you need to make them
around the house already.
Charlotte and I are going to make some of these for her class this week, just perfect for kindergartners I think.

You Will Need ::

These don't really take much explanation at all ...
Just seal your envelope, draw outline of bunny face, cut it out, glue on nose, inside of ears, etc...
And fill with candy!


Happy, happy day to you!


  1. Oh wow, I remember making these when I was a kid! (minus the fabric ears) I totally need to make some this week with my kids! ~Jenn

  2. very cute, i especially like the liberty-esq ears. i haven't made a thing this year, maybe i could quickly squeeze in a few of these, my bunny-mad girl would love them!

  3. these are just fun! i love 'em! i can't believe it's easter either. what the!?!

  4. So cute. That Martha has some great ideas.


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