Around Here /// Thursday Snapshots

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So, they say that it's officially SPRING now,  like as of yesterday.... hmmmm....
Not quite sure I am buying it, seeing that it was a whole 28* here yesterday,  but we are doing our best to make it
feel like Spring inside anyway.
It ain't easy though.
A few snapshots of some of my favorite corners and favorite things around here...

Today we are headed down to the Cabin and although it's probably just as cold there as it here, I am really looking forward
to a change of scenery. I really think we all can use it.
And you better believe I will be Instagramming from the Cabin... as long as we have service in the country.


Happy Thursday, have a great day.


  1. Amy your home looks lovely. I love the colours, and your hallway is so bright.

    Hope you have a great time at the cabin x x x x

  2. Hope you enjoy your time at the cabin:) I have the very same mugs!!! thrifted them last year...we have very similar taste ....which means it's exceptional LOL

  3. What pretty pictures, i love all of the books, everything seems 'just right' nice!

  4. yay for cabin pix on IG!
    can't wait!

  5. Ohhh love love love love LOVE all these light and beautiful shots of your home. What incense were you burning? I haven't lit incense in my dragon burner for awhile.

    Also my LP stand is jealous of your LP stand. Ha!


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