{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hello there Tuesday.
Good morning everybody... or anybody?
It's a kinda chilly but a hoping-for-the-sun kind of morning and it is Day 2 of Spring Break around here.
I stayed up way too late watching Season One of Parenthood last night but luckily I got to lounge around in bed this morning
and had NO lunches to pack. Yay for me!

Now, go ahead and admire my sweet new mug I got at Target for $2.48 last week... cause if you were really here for coffee
I would definitely be bragging about this deal.
I might have kind of had to sneak this into the cabinet because my husband might just think that I have way too many mugs
He might be right but they definitely make me happy.
It's the little things, folks.

So if we were really meeting for coffee this morning we would need to get caught up on the weekend...
What did you do?
Any St. Patrick's Day celebrating?

We went to our little parade here in town Saturday morning, my friend had asked me to take pictures
of The Pug Club for her so we walked with them for part of it and the kids kind of loved that.
Lots of pugs but the cutest of all?
Look at this baby... Can you even stand it?
Cutest face ever.

After the parade we went to our little neighborhood dive bar for beer, pizza, hamburgers and a game
of pool.
The kids had never been there before and thought it was pretty cool to be in the bar that mommy goes to with her friends.
And they thought it was pretty fun playing pool with daddy, too.


So the kids are on Spring Break all week and naturally the weather is not going to be nice at all this
week, so we are trying to figure out what we are doing for the rest of the week.
Yesterday we stayed in our pajamas and did nothing pretty much all day long... the rest of the week
is pretty much open, no big plans but one thing the kids want to do is go see Oz.

 Yesterday we watched Tangled and one of the Harry Potter movies got out all of the craft stuff and made suns, played with
Legos and Calico Critters, ate some parade candy and read books.

Other than that, we are mentally + creatively willing Spring here because it looks as if it will never, ever come... and hoping that
I don't crack under the pressure of the gloomy skies this week.

Well, that's it for me and my coffee this morning....  thanks for stopping by here today... now tell me what's going on in your world lately.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. yeah! for spring break!
    i am ALLL about pjs all day and movies and laziness...especially lately!
    i hope you guys have an amazing week!

  2. Hi! I'm here, reading away, every post. Just wanted to let you know even if I don't comment that often.


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