Some Days....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some days it is necessary to drop your own weekday TV ban and snuggle up on the couch
while it's snowing and watch Ramona & Beezus with the kids after school.

And some days it's necessary to buy yourself carnations at the grocery store ....
and the Spring issue of Martha Stewart Living and eat gummy bears when you just started to
try and eat healthier(ummm... like just yesterday).

Some days you cross your fingers and pray for snow because all that white would be a hell of a lot
more cheerful + uplifting than these depressing gray skies.

Some days you actually fantasize about driving yourself to the tanning spa(they do still exist, right?)
in the freezing cold to lay in a tanning bed just so you can feel the warmth of the artificial sun.

Some days it is necessary to forgo dinner plans and just let the kids have bagels and oatmeal for supper instead.

Some days the only thing you can do is pretty much let it all slide- the meals, the plans, the project
you promised yourself  you would start today and put on your headphones and listen to your favorite song as loud as you can,
while standing at the sink doing the dishes.

Happy Wednesday, friends.
What do you need to let go of today? ... Because I totally give you permission to do it.
Go ahead and do something you really want to do instead.
You're Welcome.


  1. I want to curl up with my book and read while having coffee, but I can't because dang it, I have to go get more boxes to continue packing and take michael to get his blood drawn, but MAYBE tonight?!

  2. some days you take the words right out of my mouth!! i wish i could blog the way you do, thanks for making me smile today :)

  3. i feel ya.

    i'm praying through a lot, letting go of a lot.

    and sometimes gummy bears (and lots of Jesus) are just the thing it takes! :)

  4. Ahhhh . . . sounds like a lovely day indeed! Especially the magazine and gummy bear part. :)

  5. Oh I have a lot to let go of.

    So what song did you listen to with your earphones- ipod? (oh my we live parallel lives, dude) while doing dishes?...Well While I stood at my black kitchen sink, suds clear up my purple gloves I listened to hungry heart on full volume. I love that song. I sing it loudly. And obnoxiously.


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