{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good morning.
Pull up a chair, grab a seat, kick your shoes off and let's have a cup of coffee.
If you were really coming for coffee this morning and you showed up with a bouquet of $5 flowers I think I would be so happy
I might just cry. Seriously. Especially if they were yellow.
It's that kinda week although I'm trying really hard for it not to be.
Really hard.
You know, like... putting on make-up, getting dressed instead of wearing my yoga pants, listening to
music that usually boosts my mood immediately, making my bed as soon as I get up...
Oh well.... it'll pass, right?

Okay, don't go yet though, I promise not to be whiny the whole time, k?
Okay then.
Let's talk about the weekend... how was yours? What did you do?
We had a kinda last minute date night Saturday night which was not planned and so nice.
I mean really, can date nights ever not be good? Time away together, kids spending the night with their
grandparent's...  Yeah, it was good.

This photo below is from the Factory Art Studios, where we went to on our date Saturday night.
I am kind of obsessed with this wall... okay, really obsessed.
Ooh, I  LOVE it and really wish I had a wall/fence/something in my backyard like this.

And because I am in this little Winter/I'm-Never-Going-To-See-The-Sun-Again funk, I am going to go ahead
 and share a few more pictures from the Art Studio, because they make me happy.
And I need a little bit of  HAPPY  right now.

Can you even stand it??
There were several of these tables and the over-sized coffee table like this(above) that was
on casters was my very favorite.
We can't wait to go back during the day sometime and take the kids, they would love 
to explore this place and I really want to go back with my Nikon during the daylight.

Speaking of daylight....How is the weather where you are?
I hope for your sake it's sunny... unless you like gloomy, depressing weather...
Today we are expected to get 1-3 inches of snow or a snow/slush mix.
BUT by Saturday it shows that it could be up to 57*.
I'm not really holding my breath but oh, it would be so nice.

Yesterday I went to pick up more chalkboard paint so I could paint the wall outside 
our kitchen that goes down to the basement.
I hate that little are so I decided it's going to be a chalkboard wall.
I just hope the black won't be too much in that spot, the lighting isn't great.
Anyway, while at Menard's I felt momentarily better when I saw a a few promises of Spring...
the outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, grills, Easter stuff... I could have cried.

Well, I have loads and loads of laundry to do/fold/put away, a trip to the Post Office and it's my day to help
 out in Wyatt's class... so I guess I really should get moving, huh?
Thanks for stopping by here today- I hope I didn't bring you down or else you might
 just decide not to come back :)

This is making me feel a little better right now, take a listen ...


  1. thanks, as always, for hosting! i'm obsessed with that wall too! AND oh, that coffee table. how lovely!

    thanks for coffee.
    have a blessed day, friend.

  2. that coffee table! that is pure sunshine on a gloomy day, which we are also getting a lot of unfortunately. we got a big dump of snow last night and now every sign of spring is gone. soon though the sun will be back and signs of spring will surface again. i would love to bring you flowers. i too would love to have some bright sunshiny flowers in my home to make the days less dreary.
    hugs friend enjoy that yummy looking coffee.

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  4. oh i've had many of days like this! ugh.

    i hope they are wrong about the snow...isn't it spring?! whomp whomp


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