Around Here :: Seashells In Jars

Friday, May 3, 2013

One of my favorite things about being at the ocean is looking for shells... and not just to take home to
the kids either, but for myself. All for ME, never mind the kids.
I have several jars of sand and shells from trips, heart-shaped rocks, feathers and more that the kids collect on walks and
while they're out playing.
I just love how they look in the jars, plus it's kinda practical, too.

Every time I walk by these jars in my dining room now I think about  my girl's trip to Florida... the ocean, the sand, laying
out on the beach with my girls.
I miss it, I miss that feeling. But these make me really happy.

Now if I could just tackle some of the rest of the clutter in my house in a cute practical way, huh?
I have a list a mile long,  but unfortunately I seem to have lost my motivation somewhere a long time ago.

Happy, happy Friday y'all!
Hope it's a good one.


  1. Love this! And it's so neat how you labeled the jar so you would know where the shells came from. I haven't been to a "real" beach since I went to Florida for spring break when I was in college (Mmmm that would be 26 years ago!) I can relate to the clutter. I'm participating in the 21 day clutter buster challenge to get rid of 7 things per day for 21 days. So far I've gotten rid of much more than that. Once you get started throwing out or giving away, it seems hard to stop! So good stopping by here today.


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