Ten On Ten :: May

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hey there.
Luckily I saw a reminder Thursday nigh, right before I went to bed,  that Friday was the 10th, otherwise I think I totally
would have missed it... why don't I ever know the date?
Seriously, ever since I stopped working several years ago I never keep track of the date.
I kinda took the easy way out today, all iphone this time, which is fine sometimes... and is a good little reminder to myself that
there doesn't always have to be a GREAT shot... sometimes just getting it done is okay. It really is.

8:00ish walking to school

10:00ish :: a good little message
11:00ish :: picked up... for now
12:00ish :: at the parlor, no tattoo for me though... today.

1:00ish :: t-shirt & yoga pants kinda day(but don't get it twisted, i didn't actually do yoga)
2:00ish another sink full of dishes
3:00ish :: a Rainbow of books on my mantel

There's just a bit of my day in pictures.
Lately I can't get enough of the Hipstamatic app and the first photo is
 taken/edited with the Vintique app.
Next week I have a post planned for my favorite iphone photo apps.
There are so many good ones, I can't get enough!

Happy Weekend!


  1. happy ten-ing!
    i NEVER remember it. never.

    your pix are great.

    i've done yoga in my yoga pants twice.

  2. I LOVE that little quote you captured--it's so fitting for the Ten on Ten project! :)

    And I totally agree with you, Parenthood is THE best.

  3. These came out great, I love using the photo special effects, specially the vintage ones. Great set.

  4. Did you get a tat? Or were you just walking by? Love the dead-head shirt. I have one that has holes in it but I refuse to rag it. Also- dude- the dishes... do they ever end at your house?! Because I have been 50's housewife washin mine for months now and I gotta say that I'm two dishes away from insanity.

    Love your pics- of course! Happy ten Mrs. Bramer :)

  5. alita-- my friend was getting a piercing. no tat for me this time...but i'm working on my idea for #4 : ) my dishwasher broke like a year ago and im not sure why we have never gotten it fixed but i'm guessing it's not gonna happen.... ever. ugh.

  6. the coffee shot! best.
    amazing what even an iphone can do.

    and the vintage books.
    oh nancy drew. she is so timeless.

  7. Loved your Grateful Dead shirt...and I own the exact same copy of Love Story (as well as Oliver's Story)...love that book! Also, your house is just ridiculously adorable! Okay, enough blog stalking, already! ;-)


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