A Million Stories

Friday, May 10, 2013

Do you ever feel like your story isn't all that important?
That you don't have anything super exciting to share... and you wonder if anyone really cares anyway?
That maybe because you don't have a hugely successful business, or you don't live abroad... 
or because you haven't been volunteering in an orphanage in another country that what you are
 doing isn't important or interesting?
I feel that way sometimes, but then I remember...
that ALL of our stories are important, all of them.
The big things, the little things, the important and not-so-important things...
all of these little stories make up our lives.
All these little moments, every day make up the story of our lives and become part of our history.
So my story might be boring... but I'm telling it anyway.


Happy Friday, friends.
Today is the 10th... I'm doing the Ten on Ten project again this month.
You should, too.

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  1. I do think those things, often. But hey, we are always living abroad for someone, right? ;)


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