Ten On Ten :: June 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

1. headed out to take Wyatt to Day Camp
2. morning grass
3. coffee on the porch
4. reading and editing & listening
5. flip flops. everywhere. all summer long.
6. pretty light
7. supper prep-- roasted potatoes coming up
8. School Garden Club.., every Monday & Thursday night
9. in the living room
10. popsicles on the swing


There's just a bit of our day in pictures.
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Happy Monday everyone... hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Beautiful! And I love those sunsets too!! x

  2. i love the glimpses of your life. seriously sweet. coming home soon. maybe we can have coffee at your house? i'm inviting myself...ha lol:)

  3. Your day looks perfect! I tried your hillbilly coffee the other day and choked up on the cinnamon. ha! Coffee went through my nose. Seriously, yo! ... Okay so the flip flops (love!) and the Popsicle on the porch (mega-love!) and the morning grass (ahhh!) ... I adore your little world, Amy.

  4. Hi Amy, thx for stopping by my blog! Love, love, love your photograph! Just curious, what program do you use? Lightroom? Really fun blog.

  5. ohhhh your porch. i need it.

    and those driplets on the grass. perfection.

  6. Lovely pictures... such "Americana" captured in the simplicity of fabric, front porches, and children at play.

  7. Such beautiful pictures!! I especially love the grass and the coffee!!!


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