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Saturday, June 15, 2013

So we are a whole 2 1/2 weeks in to Summer vacation now, friends.
Today(which was really Thursday) was a bit of a rough one.
Really we don't have a whole lot of super rough days around here, mostly because I think the kids are saving those for their
tween/teen years, because they know that I really won't be able to handle that.
Like not at all.

There was too much whining, touching, someone was making an annoying noise, making faces, hitting, teasing and just
generally pushing this mama to the LIMIT.
Guess what, kids?
There is a reason mommy drinks more in the Summer... and it's you.
Okay, I'm not.

There has been lots of good in there this week, too, though...for real.
Sidewalk chalk, playing with the neighbor kids, front porch pedicures, morning coffee on the porch, watching cousin's baseball games,
art & drawing time, school Garden Club, antiquing with my girl, impromptu playground/park stops.... it's good.

Do I love having my kids home for Summer vacation?
Yes, I absolutely do.
Do I wish I could afford to have a babysitter for a day or two a week, just because?
Why yes, yes I do.
There are days when Eric gets home in the evening that it's all I can do not to grab my purse and run for the door, literally.
Days where the kids being all up in my grill, tattling and asking me 1.5 million  questions is about to send me over the edge...
And I think that is perfectly okay.
Every minute of everyday of vacation does not have to be GREAT, that's just not reality.
Every day is not going to be crossing things off of our Summer List, making Popsicles and reading quietly in our on corners
at reading time... right?

Hope you all have a great weekend... I'm looking forward to some family time celebrating Father's  Day on Sunday
and let's be honest, a little back-up.
I do love when the weekend hits and Eric is home.
Happy weekend!

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  1. we just got out friday and i've had to lecture the girls three times on fighting. grrrrrrr. seriously summer is gonna suck if they spend it all in their rooms. just wanted to make you feel better;)


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