{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So, it's a random Summer Tuesday morning and I decided it was a good morning for coffee.
I mean, it's always a good morning for coffee, but I thought this morning was a good time for Virtual Coffee, so grab a cup and join me.

Coffee this morning is out on the front porch, which has been my favorite spot this Summer.
For Mother's Day Eric & the kids got me a porch swing, which naturally means we have been spending a lot more time out there.
You can see more of my front porch here.

So, If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, we would have to talk SUMMER-- plans and schedules and how you are keeping
the kids busy, but not too busy, while keeping them away from that darn TV all day.
The first two weeks of vacation Wyatt was in a full-day Camp, then last week the kids had VBS, so really this is the first regular,
unscheduled week of Summer Vacation for us.
It is a bit of a challenge for me to balance planning things with just playing and entertaining themselves, to finding things to do while
not spending money every single day.
It's tough, some days a lot more than others.
Any ideas, advice, encouragement... or can anybody just relate??

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, on my porch, shoes off, curled up in a chair, eating bagels....
All of this talk of Summer and kids, or just Summer  & working would surely lead to talk of vacations and trips and daydreaming about
going somewhere far away...
I have been fantasizing about planning a weekend get-away, grown-ups only, just for Eric and I while the kids stayed with their
grandparents for the weekend.
I don't think we have done that in years.
It looks like our swimming plans might be out for today- it's looking like rain and pretty cloudy so far this morning.
Time for Plan B(but I don't actually have one)... but first, it looks like another cup of coffee is in order.

What are you up to this week?
How is your Summer Vacation going... anything you are loving/struggling with?
Hope you all have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping by here today.


  1. Morning lovely from Down Under...

    IF we were really meeting for coffee and eating bagels on your gorgeous front verandah- I'd tell you that I'm heading back to blogging today!
    I wanted my first post back to be a Virtual Coffee- inspired, of course, by you!
    I shall post it in a tick!

    As it's not Summer here- I think I'd be happily bathing in warmth at yours- it's raining and cold here!
    Can I ask- that little blue cupboard and chair on your verandah- did you paint those? And if you did- what colour/paint did you use- trying desp to find the right blue for a few projects here.

    Thanks hon and happy coffee time together.
    Melissa x

    1. So happy to hear from you today! I have not done Virtual Coffee for a looong time but I think you will just inspire me to get back at it again! I did paint the little shelf and chair... I just used a can of Krylon spray paint... i guess it's just turquoise? I'll see if I still have a can around here somewhere and i'll let you know. Heading on over to your place now, so happy to "see you"!!! XO

  2. Really loving your photography!

  3. I can totally relate... especially to the part of keeping them entertained without going out and spending money to do it.


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