Big, New Things {aka: the Elusive, Cryptic Post}

Monday, August 26, 2013

Credit : Michael Mullan


So.... I'm totally doing it. 
I'm writing one of those cryptic kinda posts people love to do on Facebook that kinda elude
 to either a really good thing or  really bad thing that is about to/might/already did happen...
You do know those posts, right?
The attention-seeking ones, and the people who write them?
UGH. I hate those.
I especially hate the cry for help ones where the person acts as though something horrible
 might happen and then the next day it is completely forgotten, never to be mentioned again.
Well, this isn't really the cryptic or attention-seeking kind.... but it is the elusive one where 
I can't really give all the details yet but I can say that BIG, AWESOME things are coming.
Big, awesome things in the form of a little bit of work/helping out for me,
 and a brand new adventure for a family member of mine and I am super excited.
There might be a another job opportunity as well... because you know, it's just typical to go
 all last year with nothing and then have more than one thing going on at once this year.


Last year Charlotte started Kindergarten and I did not work at all.
All year.
Both kids were now in school and I had no idea what to do... what I wanted to do...
I thought it would come to me, that I would figure it all out with a little time...
I floundered.
I didn't figure anything out.
I had too much time on my hands and no real purpose, that part I did figure out.

I needed a change this year.
Need  a change. A big one.
Something to do ... something new to focus on.
I also need an income, that's kinda important, too.
So I am totally and completely ready, for new things. And big things.
New adventures.

Credit :: Michael Mullen

Happy Monday everyone, hope you have a great day!
Come back here Tuesday morning for Virtual Coffee with me.


  1. Best of luck on your new adventures, wherever and whatever they are! :)

    Rowdy Fairy Blog
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  2. so excited to hear the news when you can reveal! you sound excited and happy!!!

  3. Ooooh! I can't wait to hear the details!!

  4. yay for you~
    can't wait to hear!
    i read your blog on my phone usually so never comment anymore~!
    today on my computer all day and actually catching up with my own blog!

  5. Yippee!! So happy for you girl. Enough with the suspense and spill it already;))


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