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Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is Day #7 for the kids back at school.
It's going well.
They are happy to be back at school.... I am happy that they are back at school.
It's a win-win situation.

Here's the thing-
We really weren't even at that point where it was the end of the Summer and they were ON MY LAST NERVE.
Not even there yet... and Boom... school started.
Life is funny and weird like that sometimes, huh?

I absolutely, positively adore this post by Jen Hatmaker.
Go read it now, seriously.
I  LOVE her honesty, she says exactly what you're thinking and she cracks me up; this is my favorite part;

"Back me up: summer is too freaking long. Twelve weeks of this is unreasonable. 
What does summer think we are? Machines? 
Excuse me, but I've never done anything well for twelve straight weeks in my life."

{Reading to me, instead of watching TV}

I can so relate.
I love how real she keeps it.
But we're back in the swing of things around here-- new schedules, teachers, routines... all of it.
We're back to our  No Tv Rule  Monday-Thursday and back to homework again too, unfortunately.
I really need a new organizational system for papers, art work, things to keep, schedules... I think mine last year started out okay but didn't
work so good long-term. 
Any suggestions?
What do you do to keep all of the school stuff together, anyway?

Well, I'm off to enjoy the peace and quiet for approximately five more hours and then I'll be the awesome mom that will have the homemade chocolate
chip cookies ready for the kids when they get home from school... if I have all of the ingredients, which I probably don't, because I am actually
the unorganized hot mess of a mom in real life.
Oh well.

Have a great day!


  1. thank you! that was a fun read! so honest and WOW! my son has been back 4 days... I am already over the homework... I went to bed an hour before he finished. ugh!

    I LOVE your daughter reading to you! what a sweet collection of her gift :) good luck with the homework!

  2. Isn't she the best?! I loved the part you quoted too! Twelve weeks is FAR FAR too long. I agree!! We have one week left and I can't wait for school to start!
    How DO you do the no TV rule?... Part of me would love to do that, but part of me is way to dependent on TV once Max and husband are in bed... Can I watch once they are in bed? ;)

    1. OH, girl. Please. The NO TV RULE is for the kids only! Ha! the minute they are in bed I turn it on : ) Actually since Wyatt started really having homework(last year, 2nd grade) in just seemed like a good time to start it so we could do homework right after school and not get sidetracked by the tv...and believe it or not the mornings run much smoother w/o tv... we are not as rushed, etc.


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