Summer Snapshots :: Not Ready To Let Go

Friday, August 30, 2013

We just finished Week #3 of school.
We are in full school mode,  but... we can't quite let go of Summer just yet.
It has been in the high 90's all week and I'm guessing that has a whole lot to do with it.
Swimming and Popsicles and sprinklers are still just really necessary. Really necessary.

The other night we went swimming with friends in the evening after supper and then went back to their house to play and have Popsicles...
we didn't get home until the kid's bedtime.
BUT, homework was finished and they had just practically bathed in the swimming pool(right?!), so I thought; Why Not?
It still feels like Summer anyway.
And sometimes? You just have to throw your usual routines and rules out the window...
and I AM THE MOM, so I get to do that when I want. I do love that.

This past week has honestly been a bit too hot for me- like super humid + suffocating- but I am trying to enjoy the last little bit of this hot, Summer
weather because before we know it I will be doing some serious complaining about the cold weather and lack of sunlight.
I know this.
I am so bad about remembering to stop and enjoy all the seasons(even Winter), knowing that they are in fact, only temporary.

Hope you all have a great weekend...and for those of you here in the States, an awesome, long Holiday weekend. 
We are headed to the cabin tomorrow with the whole family-- wish me luck that we don't all melt and this mama doesn't completely lose it.


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