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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good morning!
So it's early Tuesday morning and I have to tell ya, I'm feeling a little worn out from that long, holiday weekend.
We all slept late this morning, I never set an alarm because I have my two little alarm clocks that usually wake me up. Not today.
I'm not sure why we were all so worn out, as yesterday was pretty mellow... but the rest of the weekend was kinda busy I guess.
So... grab a cup of coffee and a seat and let's talk.

This is where I was having my coffee Sunday morning, we were at the Cabin and I took a walk down the road with my camera and my coffee
before it got way too hot...
Doesn't that look like a good spot for your morning coffee?
It was, it was really peaceful + quiet.
It made me think that it would be really fun to do a #havingmycoffeehere hashtag so you could see where everyone else was having their
morning coffee, too.
So, that's what I did this morning... although the location this morning isn't super exciting, it's still kinda fun.... if you're on Instagram
(and why wouldn't you be?), you should use that hashtag, too.

There's nothing like escaping from a crowded cabin full of people for a slow walk down a country road all by yourself.
I walked and drank my coffee and took pictures of the wildflowers, the corn, the birds and the long empty road.
It was good.
When that is not your usual daily view,  it's hard not to walk slowly and take it all in; here's just a little bit of my view...

To escape the heat and the crowded cabin, my sister, niece and I drove into town and went to one of my favorite little antique stores.
You guys, this place is packed from top to bottom... you can't even see everything, there's just so much.
There were several things I wanted but didn't think I should spend the money on just then that I am really kicking myself for now...
Wondering if they are still there and daydreaming about going back to get them...
Do you do that, too?

Do you see all of that turquoise in the 2nd picture?
I wanted to buy every last thing on that table... so much good stuff!
And the table itself with the matching chairs.... yes, please.
My niece wants to move to California one day so she is a bit obsessed with all things California, so we had to take a picture with the post card.


If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would ask you all about school if you have school-aged children...
It seems like if you didn't start early like we did then you are probably starting today.
Are you ready fro the school year?
Still in denial that Summer is now officially over?
I wasn't really ready for it but then again I think I was kind of craving a new routine and at the same time I am looking forward to new things for myself, too.
It's always just a lot of mixed emotions I think... I feel kind of sad but then again you can't when you have kids that are excited about school and ready to go back.
For that I am so thankful, too.

Well, I am having nothing but computer/connection problems this morning and this took me twice as long as it should have, so I better get moving now.
Hope everyone has a great day!

OH! I almost forgot... I am finally getting around to making a Facebook page for my
Shop + Blog.
Uh.... yeah, I might have started doing it a year ago and never went anywhere with it. Whoops.
BUT, now it's out there, so go like it- or follow it, or whatever if you want to...
You can just click on this link until I get a little icon thing up and running.

I'll be updating it daily with pictures, new stuff in the Shop, blog links, etc.


  1. hi amy! Im loving the look of your blog right now. how are the kids liking their new teachers? we are off to a good start over here. i'm guessing that come winter, i'll be abandoning my iced tea for coffee, always with lots of cinnamon, just like you. that shop looks heavenly. the other day when we were in one, my daughter found an old postcard of the San Juan Capistrano Mission, where shauna and I have spent so much time, as you know. it's hanging in my kitchen, a sweet reminder of days past. well, I hope you're doing well and I like the hashtag idea. i'll have to do it when I become a coffee drinker, which will be soon, no doubt. I even have my 60's percolator ready to go. have a great day!

  2. Thank you so much, Leslie! One day I will actually hire someone to design my blog but for now I have to do it and i am never quite happy with it, so i am always changing it ; ) How AWESOME that she found that post card...!!!!! Doesn't that make you feel like it was put right there just for you? I love when things like that happen! And I LOVE your 60s percolator, so cool! Have a great day!

  3. where are your favorite antique stores?
    Can you share the names, please?
    A road trip might be in order!

  4. Hehe, elementary school starts on Thursday here in Italy and kindergarden started last Thursday so I am more than ready for it to start at this point. I do however remember being at the beach in total vacation mode when I saw your 1st day of school Instagram and thinking "wow that is early!".

  5. Oh, by the way, love the hashtag idea. Unfortunately I usually have my coffee at my desk in the office. Booooring! But will show you that corner one day if I remember to and work isn't too hectic.

    1. Well, i am usually having mine on the couch or porch... not super exciting either : ) Happy school starting to you, hope all goes well!


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