I Did It!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Yep, I did it.
I stuck it out and actually finished a Week In The Life... the whole entire week.
I didn't miss ONE day,  didn't accidentally fizzle out or purposely throw in the towel
 because I was over it. I kinda do that a lot. 
I finished the whole week and I am really kinda proud of myself.
I didn't do probably as much as I wish I would have and I could have taken a lot more pictures
 of certain things, but for my first time participating, I am actually just really proud
 of myself for not quitting... that's HUGE for me.


Now to decide what exactly I am going to do with this week's worth of photos.
Hmmm..... Any suggestions?

Happy Monday, y'all.
Have a great day! 


  1. Put them in a book! Walgreens.com always has good weekly deals, or Shutterfly. I'm always getting offers for books from MyPublisher.com as well. Congrats on the accomplishment!

  2. how cool!!! you did it! i'd make a book and do it really artistic-like and add a lot of description to the pic. It will be great keepsake for when your babies are grown!

    1. that's kinda what i am thinking too... i want an option where i can add a lot of text. hmmm.....

  3. One year I did it and I bought a really cute notebook at Target and did the whole week in there, it had cute pockets in it that I stuck extra pix in and I Focused a LOT on journaling. but they have these CUTE books at Michaels' and Hobby Lobby that would work great, they have mini page protectors that go inside, and they are about 8x8 or so, sooooo CUTE! I can't remember the brand right now though, but you could ask for pix to be printed in 3.5x5 size for something different!


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