{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey there and good morning.
It's Tuesday and Tuesday means Coffee.
Well every morning does really, but- well, you know what I mean...
So grab your coffee, find a seat and let's do this Tuesday morning coffee thing.

On Instagram lately I have been trying to remember to tag my coffee shots with #havingmycoffeehere, and this is one I just love
from over the weekend when we were away, so I thought I would share it for my coffee post this morning.
There is nothing like having coffee out on the deck of an awesome cabin in the woods when it is just barely chilly enough to see your
breath-- but not actually cold yet.
That is the best.

So this morning my coffee is not on the deck of a cabin in the woods, but inside on the couch... and that's okay today.
I am surrounded by to-do lists, school papers, my calendar and my purse that needs a cleaning out desperately... and I mean desperately.
If you looked inside my purse right now, you might :

A.) Defriend me, online and in real life
B.) Think that it must actually be a 2-year oldie's purse... no adult would do this!
C.) Think that someone had a Fraternity party inside my purse and never bothered to clean it out afterwards
I am not proud of this, but it is just a fact, folks.


So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...
I would, no doubt, be talking about my new job that starts this week... and ultimately I would have to admit that I am just really kinda nervous
about it all now.
It's really kind of too much to get into now, but I am worrying just a bit about what I've gotten myself into, for starters.
Second, I have to go to Chicago for 2 days with a complete stranger. Tomorrow.
I am not good with complete strangers... I'm just not.
I am not the person that makes friends instantly, everywhere I go... I am not super shy,  but maybe just take a little more time getting to know
someone first.
And all I can think about is..... 3+ hours in a car with a complete stranger.
That is something I would reserve only for a true enemy.
So I guess it's probably just all of the usual starting-a-new-job-jitters with some extra stuff just added in there.
Anyway, I am still excited, but some of that excitement has given way to some good old-fashioned anxiety, which I am trying my best to keep at bay.
I think I will be just fine once I get up there tomorrow and just get going with it already.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, we would no doubt have to talk about Fall being here, officially, in just a few short days...
Sunday is the first day of Fall I believe.
Are you ready(those of you in the States)?
After being in Indiana this past weekend it definitely felt a bit more like Fall there and it has me looking just a little bit more forward to it than I was.
Pumpkins and leaves and corduroy and football and pumpkin bars.... Here we come!


So that's about it for me this morning... the little ones are waking up and I have a list a mile long to-do today... literally.
Hope everyone has a great day... Happy Tuesday!
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  1. I know exactly how you feel. The hardest part about starting a new job is the "newness" of it all: the procedures, the people, the inside jokes etc. It'll get easier, but those first weeks are hard. Hang in there and be strong and before you know it you'll be one of the gang.
    Oh, by the way, I finally remembered to hash tag my morning coffee ;)

  2. As a smart number provider, I say this shots are great you're have a future in photography


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